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Aims for October 2020 – the results

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Hiya! Another month is over and done with. I can’t wait for 2020 to be over really, I’m sure a lot of you feel the same! I just want to be snuggling with my little family on Christmas Day, just the three of us, and enjoying some time off work.

A notebook and pen with text overlay that says Aims for October 2020 - the results

Aims for October 2020 – the results

Home aims for October 2020 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. It has been another great month. We’ve had a couple of Hello Fresh boxes to mix it up which has been nice and kept us on track.

Try 3 new recipes from cookbooks. Achieved. I’m really enjoying exploring cookbooks and finding something lovely to cook.

Try 2 new slow cooker recipes. Achieved. I’ve got some new recipes coming soon hopefully!

Ato 3 Seat Chaise Sofa in charcoal from Nabru sofas in my living room on a wooden vinyl floor

Complete TeamTomm each day in October. Achieved. Mostly Tom I won’t lie! He’s been great this month as even though I’m in my second trimester I’m still being sick a lot!

Build our built in wardrobe area. Achieved. This is SO nice. It is lovely to have everything in one place when I want to get ready in the morning. I also have a shelf just for fluffy warm pyjamas which is fantastic!

Zoflora disinfectant, cleaning cloth and pink rubber gloves

Financial aims for October 2020 – the results

Achieve at least 2 hours matched betting each week. Achieved. I’m back into a good rhythm with this now, although I’m looking forward to 2021 when I feel there will be better offers! There have been some nice in-play offers in the past month though which have been good.

Add £150 of Amazon vouchers to my account. Achieved. I’m saving up for Christmas and a few baby bits too in the New Year.

Spend £300 or less on groceries. Failed. Overspent by £32 BUT that includes a Hello Fresh box that was delivered yesterday and will give us dinners for 4 more evenings.

A hand holding an iPhone with £10 notes and a £20 note displayed on the screen with text overlay that says make money on the move with your mobile phone

Online aims for October 2020 – the results

Update 25 old posts and re-share. Failed. I fell short by a couple but I had the weekend off with my family instead which was much needed!

Finish Christmas related work and post updates. Achieved. I’m looking forward to some time off over Christmas.

Complete 5 random acts of kindness. Achieved. I love this. This month I looked on TikTok mostly for wish lists and people to send little items to that I didn’t know. It felt good!

Personal aims for October 2020 – the results

Read 3 books. Achieved. I’ve enjoyed these books…

A chicken and chorizo paella with text overlay that says the best EVER meal planning tips

Exercise 3 times a week. Achieved. Even the school run is great for 10,000 steps a day! I’ve also done some light workouts from YouTube and a few small weight workouts too.

Take all vitamins and medications every single day. Achieved. I’ve been able to stop some of my vitamins this month, which has been nice!

Take time to relax at the end of each day. Achieved. I’ve made sure not to work in the evenings and it has been really nice to have some planned downtime to look forward to each day.

Soft white bread rolls on a cooling rack with text overlay that says Soft, floury white bread rolls

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.