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Aims for September 2019 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

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Hello! Happy September. It looks like this is finally going to be the month that we move house! I can’t believe it yet but I’ll keep you updated over on my Instagram. Here are my Aims for September 2019.

Aims for September 2019

Home aims for September 2019

Pack and move. I mean if we don’t achieve this it’ll be REALLLLLY bad but I couldn’t resist writing it down!

Sell or donate 50 items. This will help us with moving of course and clear our home a little. I’m setting a few aims under this one to help too. This is a BIG goal, as we’ve decluttered a lot over the last year, but I know we’ve got some boxed up items we no longer need. 

Donate 3 items of furniture that we will be replacing once we move.

Declutter my wardrobe. I have some items I just don’t love or wear much anymore, and there seems no point in moving them with us.

Try 3 new slow cooker recipes. I think the slow cooker is going to come in handy a LOT this month! I’m going to be cooking some of our favourites like slow cooker hunters chicken, slow cooker BBQ ribs and more. It’s great to have a nice meal ready at the end of a long day and I think we’re going to need those nice meals this month!

Meal plan all month. We’re going to schedule in 1 or 2 takeaways through the month, because of moving but trying to keep the amount of money we waste to a minimum. We’ve got LOTS of things we need to buy and do to get our new home how we want it. I’ll be reading my tips to save money on takeaways for a little refresher too!

Keep up with #teamtomm cleaning.

Financial aims for September 2019

Spend less than £300 on groceries. I’ve increased this by £50 from recently, as we will need to stock up our store cupboard items once we move as I’ve been running those down lately.

Spend less than £3,000 on moving-related costs. This means moving, new carpets, curtains, blinds, nets, just about everything that we need to get our home relatively nice to move in to. We have this saved and I don’t want to spend more than that, as it would mean dipping into other savings or cutting back our household budget too drastically.

Make money from matched betting. I’m not setting a specific aim from this, because I won’t have lots of free time, but anything will help with the cost of new items we will need!

Earn £100 for my Amazon account. This will be great for an Amazon Pantry shop and stocking up on anything we need but have forgotten to budget for. I’ll be using some websites to help with this such as InstaGCMingle surveysLifePoints (MySurvey & GlobalTestMarket have merged)Pinecone Research and I’m sure a few of my other favourite ways to make and save money online.

Clear out Daisy’s piggy banks and move the money to her savings.

Online aims for September 2019

Schedule posts for October. I’m going to need lots of time to decorate, build furniture and organise our new home so I’m hoping to get this done early in the month.

Update 5 old posts and re-share. I’m going to make this a weekly job (1 post per week) so I’m going to add this to Todoist which is what I’m using to keep organised now.

Start on Christmas related work. I’ve already got two things upcoming and I want to get in touch with people I worked with last year.

Create new images for my 10 most popular Pinterest posts. I’ve heard this can boost Pinterest traffic, so I will give it a go and report back if it makes much difference to traffic.

Boost my page views by 10%. Hoping the above will help, plus some great new posts I have in the works.

Personal aims for September 2019

Book another item off our bucket list. I’m going to look at Christmas markets, where we can go ice skating and look at a small fitness challenge I can complete.

Read two books. I have been using Kindle Unlimited and best of all I got a free trial of 3 months! You can click the banner below if you fancy giving it a try! I’ve been reading books AND magazines!

Complete 2 random acts of kindness. This helps me feel happy and it is nice to be nice!

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for September 2019. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for September 2019

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Angela Milnes

Wednesday 4th of September 2019

I loved reading this! It’s going to be a great month and so much to do. :)


Thursday 5th of September 2019

Thank you! It really is. Eek! I am nervous just thinking about all the work that we need to do!

Alice Megan

Monday 2nd of September 2019

The amount of stuff I need to declutter is huge I definitely need to add it to my to do list


Tuesday 3rd of September 2019

I feel you! More and more every time I have a sort out. I think I just get more realistic and brutal as time goes on!