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Aims for September 2019 – the results

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Another month has flown by. I think this one is the fastest month of the year so far! I’m SO astounded that we are already at the end of September. Anyway, here it is my aims for September 2019 – the results!

Aims for September 2019 – the results

Home aims for September 2019 – the results

Pack and move. Sort of achieved! We actually move in 3 days time. Our carpets are being fitted in 2 days and then in 3 days we are having all our furniture and items moved. Soon be done!

Sell or donate 50 items. Achieved. Been a BIG clear out. I’ve donated furniture, items to the charity shop and have only sold one item, which is just fine.

Donate 3 items of furniture that we will be replacing once we move. Achieved. They still need to be picked up but it’s arranged!

Declutter my wardrobe. Achieved. I also found that some of my PJs have been hung up by Thomas and I had replaced them, thinking they’d been lost to the wear fairy.

Try 3 new slow cooker recipes. Failed. Just ended up being unrealistic!

Meal plan all month. Achieved all but 2 days! Now we’re just winging it for a week or so until we’re settled in.

Keep up with #teamtomm cleaning. Achieved. Having a week or two break now though!

Financial aims for September 2019 – the results

Spend less than £300 on groceries. Achieved. With £6.70 to spare. Definitely close this month!

Spend less than £3,000 on moving-related costs. Achieved. We’re about £200 under at the moment. We’ve actually got around £1,000 left in the budget, so will be having some additional work done.

Make money from matched bettingAchieved. Not as much as I’d have liked bu time was against me this month!

Earn £100 for my Amazon account. Achieved. Promptly spent on items including towards a new mattress for Daisy. I used websites to help with this such as InstaGCMingle surveys, LifePoints (MySurvey & GlobalTestMarket have merged), Pinecone Research and some of my other favourite ways to make and save money online.

Clear out Daisy’s piggy banks and move the money to her savings. Failed. Completely forgot until writing this up!

Online aims for September 2019 – the results

Schedule posts for October. Failed. Going to be a quiet month around here I expect. Whoops!

Update 5 old posts and re-share. Achieved. I’m going to continue doing this on a regular basis I think as I really enjoyed updating things.

Start on Christmas related work. Achieved. Lots of upcoming work including some well-fitted adverts and Christmas gift guides. I also went to a session at a blogging conference on planning Christmas content.

Create new images for my 10 most popular Pinterest posts. Failed. Forgot this in the madness of moving.

Boost my page views by 10%. Achieved. Partly thanks to a Google update!

Personal aims for September 2019 – the results

Book another item off our bucket list. Failed. Completely forgot about this!

Read two books. Achieved. I have been using Kindle Unlimited and best of all I got a free trial of 3 months! You can click the banner below if you fancy giving it a try! I’ve been reading books AND magazines too.


Complete 2 random acts of kindness. Achieved. Opportunities just seemed to present themselves this month!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.