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Aims for November 2017 – the results

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Wow – the end of November already… Really?! I can’t believe it, although I can too…! I’m really excited for December to start and Christmas to be here already! As always, at the end of the month, I’m looking back on the past month and seeing what I have achieved. My Aims for November 2017 results post is now live.

Aims for November 2017 - the results

Aims for November 2017 – the results

Home aims for November 2017 – the results

Try 3 new recipes in November. Achieved. I made a new potato side dish in the slow cooker, a campfire stew and a new cake recipe too! It has been a yummy month for us!

Sell or donate 20 items. Achieved. Thanks to my Christmas campaign I’ve achieved more than this just by donating to the food bank. I also gave items to my Mum, a few to family members, gave people brand new toys to gift to children in the family for Christmas and much more. It has been a fantastic month for random acts of kindness, and kindness in general. I’ve loved it!

Meal plan all month. Achieved. Easy peasy! I looked at my meal plan for a week post for inspiration and had a look back at my cutting food waste tips and meal planning with mince for some further inspiration.

Wrap all Christmas presents. Achieved. I even gave them to the recipients to hold on to until Christmas! This is because we are super tight for space and I needed the space I was using for the presents to store the presents for Thomas and Daisy for Christmas.

Financial aims for November 2017 – the results

Spend less than £250 on groceries. Achieved. We spent under £200 thanks to shopping at Aldi! You can find out how I got on with my Aldi vs Tesco comparison post.

Make money from matched bettingAchieved. This was a doddle this month as I had a couple of tasty wins, £100+ ones, at the beginning of the month. Yay!

Add £200 to my Amazon account. Achieved. Spent it all. On Christmas! Yay! Money saved so I’m pleased.

Add £500 to savings. Achieved. House fund is looking great! Can’t wait to buy our house in around 14-16 months time!

Online aims for November 2017 – the results

Hit 9,200 on my TwitterFailed. Close, but no cigar.

Hit 825 on my PinterestFailed. Again, only just. I think I need to reassess my aims really. I’m happy to grow organically and I’m at almost 800 now!

Hit 3,100 on my InstagramAchieved.

Get my scheduled posts above 50. I’ve got 38 at the time of writing this, however, I am re-purposing some old content and I can’t schedule that. So this content puts me at 52. I’m called this an achieved! 

Create pinnable images for 25 old posts. Achieved. I’ve repurposed some old content and feeling really pleased to finally be getting back on track with this!

Personal aims for November 2017 – the results

Arrange to cross 2 items off our bucket listFailed. Oops. I’m thinking we won’t have time to get the rest of the list completed!

Read three books. Achieved. A book on photography was one of them. I re-read the *Devil Wears Prada (As I love it) and I read a chick-lit at the beginning of the month.

Lose 7lbs. Failed. Managed to lose 4lbs. Better than nothing with a holiday though! Just need to keep up the exercise now and hope for the same in December.

All in all I don’t think it has been a bad month. I’ve failed a few goals, but feel like I gave them all a great effort. I’m excited to set some goals for December but I won’t be going mad!

A Pines and Needles Christmas tree with Christmas decorations underneath and lights and ornaments on
Getting festive with Pines and Needles (AD - Gifted)
Aims for December 2017

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