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Air fryer recipes for beginners

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A lot of people seem to find using the air fryer daunting, so today I’m sharing with you 40+ air fryer recipes that are perfect for beginners! Whether you’ve just bought an air fryer, received one as a gift or have one sitting around you’ve been meaning to use for months, I’ve got some recipes that will help you!

I’m a HUGE fan of the air fryer. Personally I feel that using an air fryer is easier, more convenient AND cheaper than using the oven. It’s healthier than fried food. I’ve checked my smart meter and it seems to be quite a bit cheaper to use the air fryer, partly because the cooking time is quicker, which I’m very grateful for on our busy nights!

I own both an OL750UK and a Ninja Dual zone air fryer, which means I can make several different meals at the same time if I want to.

Sometimes I just want to heat up some chicken nuggets and chips for my daughters, and air fryers are perfect for this. Other times I want to whip up some air fryer chicken thighs or air fryer chicken parmesan.

Here you will find recipes made from potatoes, snacks, air fryer side dishes, air fryer desserts, how to cook frozen items, the odd dinner, lots of chicken recipes and more! Why not check out some of my other air fryer potato recipes too?

Be sure to check out my air fryer pros and cons too! I love to cook these dishes, often alongside slow cooker dinners such as a slow cooker roast beef.

I still have lots of things I look forward to trying out; such as boiled eggs, air fryer pork chops, air fryer pork belly strips, air fryer pork schnitzel and more air fryer main dishes.

Air fryer pizza with peppers and mozzarella on a slate board on a black and white backdrop. Served alongside a balsamic dressed rocket salad.

Something to note about air fryer recipes is that all air fryers have different sizes, depths and as such the cooking times can vary. All air fryer recipes on this website are intended as a guide, and not a guarantee that the timings will be perfect. Enjoy!

Air fryer potato recipes

Air fryer chips

Air fryer chips and tomato ketchup

Chips has to be one of the first things that just about everyone makes in the air fryer. You’ll get a result that is MUCH better than oven chips and MUCH healthier than chip shop ones, with a taste that is in between the two! 

Air fryer chips are always a winner and you can make them to any thickness, with any type of potato (or root vegetable really), and they’ll be delicious with very minimal oil! I have lots of toppings for chips to help you jazz them up too.

Air fryer sweet potato fries, or even frozen sweet potato fries in the air fryer are always a hit in my home too. All delicious with a tasty dipping sauce such as garlic and herb dip.

Air fryer lemon pepper fries

Lemon pepper fries with lemon pepper seasoning, a lemon, olive oil, peppercorns and a yellow tea towel.

These air fryer lemon pepper chips are delicious, packed full of flavour and a great fun recipe. They are great with a variety of dinners and so simple too.

Air fryer cheesy chips

Air fryer cheesy chips

If you’re wanting to enjoy some delicious chips, with a little extra joy, then use some ready made chips, part cook and add some cheese on the top. Finish for a few more minutes and you’re done – delicious cheesy chips! Air fryer cheese fries or air fryer loaded fries are always a winner too.

Air fryer parmentier potatoes

Parmentier potatoes in a foil tray with a sprig of fresh rosemary on a wooden chopping board

These mini roast potatoes are crispy, delicious and packed full of flavour thanks to lots of garlic and rosemary

Air fryer frozen foods

There are lots of great frozen foods that turn crispy and delicious in an air fryer and these are some of my favourite ones to cook. Air fryer salmon is such a quick and healthy lunch option.

Click an image to be taken directly to any of these air fryer frozen foods:

Air fryer roast potatoes

Roast potatoes that have been pressure cooked and air crisped using the Ninja Foodi served in a Le Creuset red roasting dish. In the background there is a glass Pyrex jug of beef gravy

Another classic potato staple has to be air fryer roast potatoes. These are delicious, super tasty and great for serving with a roast dinner. You can even make these in advance and refresh them in the air fryer just before serving. I do make frozen roast potatoes in the air fryer from time to time but these are just so much nicer.

Air fryer canned potatoes work great too!

Air fryer diced potatoes

Air fryer diced potatoes in a metal tray. There are paprika and rosemary ones, and ones just seasoned with salt and pepper. A blue dish with tomato ketchup in

Another twist on the great air fryer potato dishes has to be these little diced potatoes. They are super simple to make, great with a variety of different seasonings and perfect for feeding a hungry crowd. 

Air fryer potato skins

Cooked air fryer potato skins topped with sour cream and chive dip and spring onions. There is a bowl of sour cream and chive dip in the background also.

Potato skins are super simple to make, and cheap too! They are a delicious but hearty way to feed guests and only need a few minutes to cook once filled with the tasty filling. 

Air fryer jacket potatoes

Air fryer jacket potatoes cooked and served with salt and pepper and chives on baking paper in an enamel tray on a baking tray backdrop

These air fryer jacket potatoes are a great lunchtime staple in our home. They are also perfect for making up in batches and then freezing beforehand for a simple meal in a hurry. 

Air fryer potato wedges

Cooked air fryer potato wedges in a white bowl with a white dish containing tomato ketchup

These potato wedges are absolutely delicious. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. These are ideal for serving with a variety of dips and great to bulk out healthy meals. Best of all these use very minimal oil. 

If you’re short on time then air fryer frozen potato wedges are great too. Speaking of frozen food I love to make frozen hash browns in the air fryer or even just air fryer frozen crinkle cut chips when I’m short on time or effort.

Air fryer mashed potatoes

Pressure cooker mashed potatoes with butter and chives

If you’re short on effort, or don’t want to have hot pans full of boiling water on your hob, it is so simple to cook your potatoes in the air fryer and then put them through a potato ricer or mash them. Air fryer mashed potatoes are super simple! 

I love to turn leftovers into air fryer mashed potato balls too.

Air fryer vegetable side dishes:

I love to serve up vegetable side dishes with dinner and here are a selection of my favourite easy vegetable air fryer dishes.

Click an image to be taken directly to any of these air fryer side dishes:

Air fryer tuna panini

An air fryer tuna panini, cooked, cut in half, on a white plate, with halved cherry tomatoes on the side.

How to make a super simple and delicious air fryer tuna panini in next to no time. 

Air fryer grilled cheese

A cooked air fryer grilled cheese sandwich cut in half on a plate

Next time you want something a little different for lunch be sure to try out these air fryer grilled cheese. Simple to prepare, and delicious spread with butter or mayo, they’re a great way to feed hungry little ones in a hurry. 

This air fryer grilled ham and cheese is lovely too – packed full of flavour and super simple.

Air fryer french toast

A white plate with two pieces of brioche french toast with sliced strawberries, maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar.

This French toast recipe is delicious, fun and perfect for a simple weekend breakfast that is still a little bit special. 

Air fryer cheese crumpets

Two air fryer cheese crumpets

These cheese crumpets are the perfect hearty breakfast, a twist on the classic crumpets, while being packed full of protein and absolutely delicious too!

Air fryer toast

Five pieces of buttered white tiger bloomer on a white and mushroom coloured plate. In the background is a glass of orange juice.

Probably the easiest ever recipe, but one that is requested so frequently when I ask people what they want to know about using an air fryer. Air fryer toast is just as fast as in the toaster, perfect if your toaster breaks or you want to get rid of it to save worktop space! 

Air fryer English muffins are super simple too, and delicious with a cooked breakfast.

Air fryer bread rolls

Bread rolls baked in the air fryer - three rolls on a plate with a pattern on the top of each one that resembles petals on a flower.

Whether you want to use your own dough, or buy the part-bake ones, you can cook bread rolls in your air fryer. Great to serve alongside soup, or turn into tasty sandwiches. I love to turn these into air fryer garlic bread too.

Air fryer croutons are a great option too, especially with air fryer roasted tomato soup.

Air fryer bagel chips

A white and mushroom coloured bowl with air fryer bagel chips on a light grey background.

These crispy and easy air fryer bagel chips are delicious thanks to being packed full of flavour. A fantastic way to use up bagels that are passing their best too! 

Air fryer tortilla chips

Air fryer tortilla chips

Whether you want to make your own super cheap tortillas, or use shop bought, these tortilla chips are really simple to make and perfect for serving alongside a lunch platter for children or as the base of crispy air fryer nachos. 

Air fryer desserts and sweet treats

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter such as a dessert or air fryer baked goods then check out some of my favourite sweet recipes.

Click an image to be taken directly to any of these recipes:

Air fryer bacon and cheese turnovers

Three air fryer bacon and cheese turnovers on a chopping board. To the left of the board is a pot of tomato ketchup and a salted caramel latte.

Whether you’re craving Greggs, or just want something different to serve when guests come, these air fryer bacon and cheese turnovers are packed full of flavour; salty, crispy and absolutely delicious. 

Air fryer sausage rolls

Christmas sausage rolls made with leftovers - mini and full sized sausage rolls on a chopping board with tomato ketchup in a snowflake serving dish.

These homemade air fryer sausage rolls require minimal ingredients and take just a few minutes to prepare. They are perfect for eating hot from the air fryer, cold for a picnic or even popping in the freezer for those nights you want something low maintenance. 

Air fryer frozen chicken fries

A plate piled high with air fryer frozen chicken fries cooked until they're crispy and delicious! In the background is a glass dish with tomato ketchup and a cream coloured tea towel.

You can make super crispy chicken fries in the air fryer, especially while using a bag of frozen fries! 

Air fryer whole chicken

A white plate with an air fryer whole chicken on. Green waffle tea towel in the background.

This whole chicken, cooked in the air fryer, is super simple to prepare and always a hit in my home! Tender, succulent and packed full of flavour too. 

Speaking of chicken there are a whole range of stunning chicken dishes you can make that are super simple, packed full of flavour and absolutely delicious.

Click an image to be taken directly to any of these air fryer chicken recipes:

Air fryer pukka pie

Two pukka pie cooked in the air fryer on a white and mushroom coloured plate.

On those nights when you fancy a takeaway style dinner, but don’t have lots of money to spare, why not make an air fryer pukka pie? Absolutely delicious, frugal and so crispy too! 

Air fryer sausage meatballs

A white bowl filled with cooked air fryer sausage meatballs. The bowl is on a chopping board and in the background is a dish filled with tomato ketchup.

We absolutely love air fryer meatballs. You can add lots of lovely herbs, to pack them full of flavour, and use ANY type of sausage including Vegan and Vegetarian. I also love to make air fryer pork and beef meatballs too.

Air fryer burgers

Air fryer burgers with cheese, lettuce and tomato in a brioche bun

This post has all the info you need to make air fryer hamburgers and cheeseburgers with ease. 

Air fryer pasta bake

A cooked air fryer pasta bake (tomato chilli covered pasta with melted grated cheese on top) in a red Le Creuset stoneware dish

How to cook a delicious pasta bake in the air fryer in just 20 minutes.

Air fryer mac and cheese

Macaroni cheese cooked in the air fryer in a ceramic dish being served up on a utensil

This delicious tasty air fryer mac and cheese is creamy with a crunchy top and takes just minutes to prepare. 

Air fryer roast dinner recipes

I’m partial to a Sunday roast, and the occasional midweek roast, and I love to be able to cook a few more trimmings by using my air fryer too.

Click an image to be taken directly to any of these roast dinner recipes:

Air fryer sausages

Chicken sausages that have been cooked in the air fryer, within an enamel tin served with tomato sauce on the side in a blue textured dish

Sausages are so tasty in the air fryer. I love to buy the leaner ones, such as chicken or vegan, and these all work very well, cook fast and are great with tomato ketchup! Air fryer bacon is delicious too and goes super crispy. Perfect for a Full English! I make turkey bacon when I want it to be a little leaner.

Air fryer pigs in blankets

7 cooked air fryer pigs in blankets (bacon wrapped sausages), on a wooden chopping board. There is a glass bowl with tomato ketchup too.

When serving up a tasty roast dinner we love to enjoy pigs in blankets, particularly with Christmas dinner, and these pigs in blankets are super simply to prepare and absolutely delicious! 

Air fryer pizza recipes

I’ve got a variety of lovely pizza type recipes that my family enjoy and I want to share with you.

Click an image to be taken directly to any of these air fryer pizza recipes:

Be sure to check out some of my favourite air fryer accessories while you’re here: 

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An air fryer chicken burger in a brioche bun with tomato ketchup and burger cheese.

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