My new air purifier is helping me sleep better

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I’ve got a number of health problems and as such I can struggle with my sleep at night. Being a Mum to a one year old means I need my sleep. Really need it! I work from home full-time, and my daughter doesn’t go to nursery. I can’t afford to be tired throughout the day as I have clients to complete work for and a home to run too. As I have a number of health problems my GP is always willing to prescribe sleeping pills, however, I thought I would try some alternative methods. I don’t want to spend my nights medicated in case my daughter needs me so I started with trying out an air purifier.

My air purifier helps me to sleep better at night.

I have tried a number of natural remedies in recent times. Here are some that I’ve found pretty effective:



Kalms night work quite well & don’t knock me out


*Rescue Liquid Melts

This is really simple to take & no need to get up for water!

I was talking to a friend recently about my lack of sleep, over text, when they mentioned air purifiers. I decided that I must get on to this quickly and within an hour I had researched and ordered this air purifier:

*Air Purifier

Thanks to Amazon Prime membership I had it delivered the next morning and was able to set it up right away. You can sign up for a completely free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.

My thoughts on this air purifier

This air purifier works by taking tap water and helping to purify the air that is in your home. This air purifier takes tap water and you can add scents to the water too.

I received 3 x 30ml scents free (lavender, jasmine and an ocean scent). I have tried all three of the scents and my favourite is lavender. The other two are quite pleasant though too – especially as they were free!

There is a minimum and maximum line making it easy to see where to fill up to. The top is simple to replace as you just lift it off and there is even a funky light that changes colour too. You have a button on the top, to control the power to the light, and there is a dial that you can adjust to decide how fast the water moves around within the bowl.

This air purifier has been absolutely fantastic. Within hours of turning it on for the first time the air in my home is fresher. There are no more nasty pet odours now either – which is fantastic.

I find that the light, and gentle noise it makes, have been very relaxing at night. I have placed my air purifier on my bedside table. It is quite bulky at 21 x 21 x 18cm but I’m enjoying having it next to me at night.

A soothing light at night from my air purifier

The ever changing lights are soothing and I no longer leave a light on to help see at night. There is only a slight glow but when it is on the blue colour. I find this is ideal for seeing my way around my bedroom for a few seconds.

In addition to cleaning the air this air purifier has left me waking up without sore throats in the morning. My hayfever symptoms are not strong at all, despite having plants and flowers in my home. In addition to this my husband is snoring MUCH less. His snoring hasn’t been cured completely but he seems to be significantly quieter when he is snoring and some nights he does not disturb me at all. This has been absolutely fantastic for me and with this costing under £20 it has been a real bargain!

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I can sleep better thanks to my air purifier. Getting a good nights sleep.

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