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Aqua Sana Elveden review – Spa in Centerparcs, Thetford

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One thing that is a real must for us when we visit Centerparcs is a trip to the Aqua Sana. Today I’m going to share my Aqua Sana Elveden review with you!

My regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of visiting Centerparcs! There is so much to do for families and best of all I get to relax with the people that I love.

Centerparcs is down the road from us, just a one hour drive. As I get anxious in the car this is perfect. We actually have two Centerparcs within a one hour drive now, Woburn and Elveden.

We are visiting no less than four times this year and I’m looking forward to each and every visit.

If you’re reading this as you’ll be visiting Centerparcs soon then be sure to check out what to pack for Centerparcs!

I save up the money that I make through the year and use some of it to have lovely breaks with my family.

A sauna with a bucket and text overlay that says relax at Centerparcs learn more about the Aqua Sana

The rooms at Aqua Sana Elveden

There are a wide variety of rooms available in the spa and these are my favourite ones:

Aqua Meditation Room – A calm relaxing oasis that has a lovely set of bubble tubes in the middle. This room is a real sensory experience and very relaxing.

Personally I like to sit in here, in silence, and enjoy the peace. There is something so relaxing about this room and while it doesn’t have any steam, a sauna or anything else I find it one of my favourite rooms.

Greek Herbal Bath – Here you sit in your own little tiled seats. They are individual seats and while you can still relax with friends, and have a quiet chat, you can also sit back and really relax. The humidity of this room is average and the temperature is nice and bearable.

This is an ideal room if you’re taking new people to the spa and they don’t like the heat too much, or for too long. When I took my sister recently we really enjoyed this room. The herbs give it a lovely smell that isn’t too overpowering.

Japanese Salt Steam Bath – This rooms combines sea salt, steam and essential oils. This is a fantastic inhalation room and I always feel like I’m cleansing my body when I relax in this room.

The steam here is quite intense and there are hoses with cold water to help you stay cool while enjoying this room.

There are a wide variety of other rooms available, depending on which Aqua Sana you visit, and you can view more of the room descriptions here.

The facilities at Aqua Sana Elveden

There are lots of great facilities on offer at the Aqua Sana, I’m going to talk about a few of my favourites:

Showers – There are a variety of different shower settings for each of the showers and they all have something different to offer. My favourite shower is one outside of the sauna. It has a bucket. 

Now this is weird, obviously, but as you come out of the sauna you can step in to the privacy of the sauna and douse yourself with ice cold water. There is also an ice fountain outside which is constantly spitting our ice – it is actually a lion’s head – very cool!

Lift – There is a lift in the spa and this is great. Firstly there is a lift to take you down the few steps to the spa itself. Then these is a lift to take you up to the first floor.

Personally I’m fine with stairs but my sister has severe rheumatoid arthritis so the lift is a Godsend for her. It is great that disabled guests are catered to and there is a seat system in place to help disabled guests get into the outside spa pool too.

Subtropical swimming paradise in Centerparcs woburn forest with a pond and greenery outside.

Aqua Sana Elveden review – Extras

Robes & towels – Like all good spas you are provided with robes and towels. The robes are absolutely huge, and so thick.

They are lovely for relaxing in. The towels are a great quality too. Don’t try and pinch towels – like a woman me and my sister saw, as you will set off the alarms!!

Fresh air – Now you might think this is a weird facility to list but I love the amount of fresh air at this spa.

The outdoor heated spa pool allows you to relax in the warmth, even in the peak of Winter, while breathing in lots of crisp clean air.

Aqua Sana Elveden review – Other areas I love

Outdoor heated spa pool – This is one of my favourite facilities at the Aqua Sana. I love how it is effectively a huge hot tub. It is a swimming pool with a variety of different jets. There are ledges, little individual seating areas and even fountain style jets that pour water all over you. These come on at different intervals so wherever you sit you can reap the benefits of this lovely spa pool.

The water is so warm, although you’ll want to move fast from inside to the steps into the pool in the Winter time! I find this really refreshing and my skin always feels amazing after I’ve been to the spa.

Water beds – These are located up on the first floor of the spa and they are so relaxing. These water beds are designed purely for you to lay down and have a rest. Sleeping is encouraged and the upstairs of the spa is a dedicated quiet zone.

Although the spa in general is a place for calm, relaxation and quiet reflection. Talking is fine, although don’t be loud. Other people don’t go to the spa to hear about your problems or your life.

Swings – These are so much fun, although not as quiet as I think they should be. These swings are also located up on the first floor of the spa.

Aqua Sana Elveden review – Treatments on offer

There are 100s of treatments on offer, far too many to list individually. They have treatments that cater to couples, singles, groups and all variety of health conditions.

There are treatments on offer for pregnant woman and those suffering from cancer, the treatment list is really well tailored to offer something to everyone.

Aqua Sana Elveden prices:

The prices vary from just £20 up to £100s but this depends on what you are having. For example they have facials on offer, tons of them, and they all offer different brands and different treatments. Some facials are express ones, at around 25 minutes, and others take nearer to an hour.

A year or two back my Mum went for a facial and she honestly looked younger when she came out.

My husband and I have been for a couples mud treatment before. This was £55 for around an hour. We went into a tiled room, that was lovely and warm. In there we were given a mud application to apply to one another.

It was really relaxing and our skin felt amazing afterwards. This treatment was great quality and we would probably do it again in the future.

Outside archery targets at Centerparcs with text overlay that says target archery at Centerparcs

Aqua Sana Twilight Spa

One of my favourite activities at the Aqua Sana Elveden is the twilight spa. It’s a session for 2 people, between 4-9pm, and comes with a lovely platter of antipasto, stuffed vine leaves etc, and you get a glass of fizz each too! If you’re not interested in the platter they will let you switch it up for something else usually if you ask nicely!

I LOVE visiting during the Twilight hours, as the spa is always so much quieter and more relaxed. Visiting in the Winter as we often do means that we get to sit in the outside pool while the darker night draws in and it is just SO good for my soul!

Aqua Sana Elveden review – Visiting while pregnant

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was really disappointed at the prospect of missing out on my holiday trip to the Aqua Sana. I needn’t have worried though as for just £10 I could visit the spa with my husband for 3 hours.

This was fantastic and obviously it is priced so low because it isn’t advisable to use most of the rooms while pregnant. I avoided all of the saunas and steam rooms. I visited the Aqua Meditation room, as that is safe, and I relaxed in the outside spa pool. It was still such a lovely break!

Price list for treatments at Aqua Sana Elveden

The price list for the Aqua Sana treatments isn’t widely available as such. However, you can see some prices for stays in the spa suites.

If you want to visit the Aqua Sana while staying at Centerparcs you’ll be able to see the prices listed on the activities part of the website once you have a booking.

Aqua Sana Elveden review – looking for Centerparcs Aqua Sana vouchers? Want an Aqaua Sana Elveden discount?

Are you looking for vouchers? You’ll be hard pressed to find vouchers. However, discounts are available. Also, there are packages for two or more people.

For example the package that I love is the Twilight spa one. This gives access to the spa from 4 – 9pm, for two, along with two glasses of Prosecco and an antipasti platter for around £100. This is very reasonable at around £50 per person.

This is just £12-£15 more expensive than a 3 hour spa visit for two people and you are getting around £25 of food and drink included + 2 more hours in the spa each.

Also, while on site look out for special offers in the guest services reception area. They are often advertised in the late afternoon on the Tuesday or Saturday, depending on your stay. Look out for a placard on the desk too!

We’ve booked some bargain facials, and treatments, this way, as well as discounted stays to the spa too!

Potatoes, tomatoes, celery and broccoli in a bowl with text overlay that says 50 moneysaving tips that really work!

Aqua Sana Elveden review – My overall opinion

I love the Aqua Sana. Personally I visit at least 2 or 3 times per year. I love that you don’t have to be staying on site at Centerparcs Elveden Forest to be able to visit. The prices are reasonable and the spa itself is one of the best I have ever visited. The rooms are fantastic and they have a wide variety on offer too.

There isn’t a single room that I don’t enjoy at the Aqua Sana and I visit it time and time again. My family all enjoy the Aqua Sana. Well, with the exception of my brother who can’t stay quiet for 3 whole hours.

The prices for the treatments vary from the very reasonable to the eyebrow raising. You do get great quality and service for your money. The spa suites are beautiful, as are the treatment rooms.

A money box that was painted in the pottery painting studio at Centerparcs and text overlay that says pottery painting at Centerparcs

Aqua Sana keeps the spa rooms, and relaxation areas, really clean. There is water on tap, as well as fruit. Also, there are flannels to refresh your face and the facilities are sparkling clean too!

Heading off to Centerparcs soon? Read my post on how to save money at Centerparcs. Also, find out what I thought of pottery painting and target archery too! Our little girl Daisy loves a visit to Santa’s Woodland Workshop at Centerparcs.

I don’t have lots of photos for this Aqua Sana Elveden review. You can see lots of photos of the rooms at the Aqua Sana here. I don’t take my phone in with me – total relaxation!

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A sauna with ice bucket and text overlay that says Aqua Sana at Elveden Forest, Centerparcs

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