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Attapoll Review

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a *. Clicking one of these links means I earn a discount or receive payment.

Before I share yet another survey app review here I will just say that you won’t make your fortune completing paid surveys, however, you can save for Christmas or maybe even buy a car from survey earnings, like I have.

Attapoll is a survey website that I have been using for a few months now, on my iPhone, on and off. I mostly cashout Amazon vouchers myself, and save these for Birthdays and special occasions.

If you’re limited on the work that you can do, perhaps because of health problems, then surveys can be a great way to make a little extra money from the comfort of your own home, or even your bed!

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How to join Attapoll:

*Sign up to Attapoll now!

Attapoll is available to download, via the App store. You can find it in the Google Play store too. The application is completely free to download and the only information required is basic demographic information and your Paypal information, for them to pay you of course.

If required my referral code is scnne. This will earn you 40p instantly just for signing up (and me 20p).

How the studies work on Attapoll:

Open the Attapoll app and you’ll see surveys to complete. The surveys for 1p are profile surveys, and these will lead to further paid studies. Obviously the 1p isn’t worth it BUT complete these if you want to get yourself more paid surveys.

Each survey has a £ value, a time frame (approximately) and a star.

You’ll want to cherry pick the studies/surveys that you complete on this app. Some of the surveys are shockingly low paid. There are some £1.25 ones that take around 8-10 minutes to complete, and these are often the ones I aim for.

If I have some extra spare time, and nothing else to do, I may try some of the lower ones, as I find the time frame is a little bit of an over estimation anyway, but not by much.

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What do the stars mean on Attapoll?

The fewer the stars the less likely you are to be allowed to complete the survey, the greater the number of stars the better the chance you have of completing the surveys. When opening the app always start with the surveys that have the most stars first, especially if you’re short on time!

How much do you earn on Attapoll?

I would say that you can comfortably earn £10-£40 a month, more if you have more time to dedicate to completing studies.

There are a steady stream of surveys to complete throughout the day when I check, but with around 50-60% of them being too low for me to even want to attempt, I have to say I don’t always make as much money as I think I will when I first load up the app.

How much do individual surveys pay on Attapoll?

As I write this Attapoll review, in 2022, there are surveys ranging from 3p up to £1.25.

A 3p study is never going to be worth my time even clicking, but for the purposes of this post I did click on it!

There were EIGHT questions, one of which required me to type out an answer that was a couple of sentences. I received the 3p for completing the study, but it really wasn’t worth my time and I’d strongly advise you not to complete studies for such a low fee.

There was a 21p study, which started with a test question, and this had three questions. This took me around 25 seconds in total, to earn 21p.

A £1.25 study took me 8 minutes. Hopefully this information gives you an idea on how much the surveys pay. It does vary of course. Every now and then there will be a good one, like the one I did worth 99p that took me just 3 minutes to complete.

What are the payment methods with Attapoll?

You can receive payouts in the form of gift cards, via Paypal, Revolut or even donate to charity.

The gift cards you can currently redeem are Amazon, Google Play, Argos, john Lewis, Nike UK, Zalando, Asos, Boohoo, Uber Eats and the App Store. Some have a £10 minimum, some a £15 minimum. I think Amazon has a £3 minimum, but I’m usually cashing out £5+ when I request one anyway!

The charities that you can donate to are currently the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis, Doctors Without Borders, Water Aid, Samaritans, London Air Ambulance, WWF, Breast Cancer Now and UNICEF.

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Is Attapoll legit?

Yes. I’ve been a member for about 5 months now, and have had multiple cashouts in that time with no issues.

My experience with Attapoll:

It’s a bit hit and miss for me.

Sometimes I get disqualified just for clicking on surveys. I’m never sure if this is because they are full or because I’ve done something else.

Some days I’ll make £3-4 with next to no effort, in a short amount of time, other times I’ll just have 5 disqualifications in a row and get fed up and ignore the app for a few days again!

I mostly complete these studies when I’m doing work that doesn’t require my full concentration. I can leave my phone open next to my MacBook while I’m working, or waiting for photos to import etc, and this makes use of that otherwise dead time.

This is one of the lower paying apps that I use, but I love to redeem Amazon vouchers.

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Looking for an Attapoll referral code?

Mine is scnne.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.