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Babease Review – Food for babies NOT baby food (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the pouches featured in the post in exchange for coverage. My beautiful daughter Daisy has a few allergies. So far we have it confirmed that she is allergic to cows milk protein (dairy), soya and now possibly beef. It is a little bit of a minefield negotiating her mealtimes and when we are in a hurry I am finding it quite difficult to have healthy meals that are suitable for her, don’t contain lots of rubbish & are convenient to take out with us.

Babease are a baby food company that make food for babies, not baby food. Babease believe that food should be exciting from the beginning and their balanced range of food contains lots of vegetables. This was something that my husband noticed as soon as he looked at the packaging. I was really pleased as it meant that he had noticed that a lot of baby food on sale is sweet. I’ve no problem with Daisy having fruit as she loves lots of fruits. However, because she is a reflux baby fruit can irritate her symptoms. I don’t want her to avoid savoury and unusual flavours in favour of eating fruit all the time. These meals are perfectly balanced with a little of everything.

Babease review - A photograph of the 4m+ meals available

Babease Review - A photograph of the 7+ month meals

There are flavours on offer that are suitable for babies from 4 months and from 7 months. Daisy has tried meals from both ranges and so far we haven’t had ANY rejections from Daisy. This is great as it is one less worry. I love that the range is free from dairy, gluten, added salt and sugar and is 100% organic. The meals are also suitable for vegetarians, should you want your baby to have a meat free diet.

Daisy’s Babease Review – She loves Babease!

Babease Review - Daisy enjoying her Babease baby food

As you can see Daisy absolutely loves this food! She can be fussy sometimes and with her allergies it can be a nervous time feeding her new meals. We’ve had no reactions to these foods, despite Daisy being quite sensitive, and she has really been enjoying the flavours. So far Daisy’s favourite seems to be the sweet potato, butternut squash & pear pouch.

I’ve been really pleased with the quality of the Babease baby food. The Babease packaging is strong, and can be transported in the nappy bag with no problems. The flavours on offer from Babease are varied and interesting. I feel like I’m feeding Daisy the next best thing to homemade food and she seems to be enjoying the new flavours as well. I love that there are herbs and spices within these meals, as there are in the food that I prepare for her, I want to know that her food tastes good from day one.

Bananas on display with text displaying the £100 grocery challenge
Midway through my £100 grocery challenge
Daisy enjoying her Babease baby food
Daisy is seven months old!

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