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Dealing with allergies thanks to Baby Dove Rich Moisture (AD)

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AD. My lovely little daughter Daisy has FPIES. This is an allergy syndrome that can cause profuse projectile vomiting, among other things. Fun times. Being a parent to a child with allergies means that we often have skin issues to deal with too. Sensitive skin, food causing allergy reactions and nappy changing can be a bit of a pain to say the least. Daisy has had a lot of problems with nappy rash in the past so I have to be careful about what products I use on her skin. We were recently asked to test out Baby Dove Rich Moisture products from the Baby Dove range (also available as a Sensitive Moisture fragrance-free range) and I chose the Baby Dove Rich Moisture nappy cream and wipes, knowing that they would be most useful for us.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture

Baby Dove Rich Moisture wipes

We have been using the Baby Dove Rich Moisture wipes for a variety of uses, like most parents I’m sure. The first use is obviously to clean Daisy during a nappy change. These have also been put to use wiping down a highchair when we were out, to wipe muck off Daisy’s hands and face and even to clean the front of my handbag when I dripped a drink down the front of it in the car.

The Baby Dove Rich Moisture wipes contain 0% alcohol, are hypoallergenic and are as gentle as water. These are suitable for newborns too which always makes me feel confident.

I am able to use 1-2 wipes during a nappy change, which is 1-2 less than the supermarket brand that I was previously using. This makes these surprisingly good value and these wipes are fantastic quality. Daisy hasn’t objected to having her bottom cleaned with these wipes, or her hands and face. They are gentle, don’t cause any irritation and they are super-efficient at dealing with spills, grubby marks and worst of all – baby poo! I love the light scent (despite being fragrance free) that these wipes have – they smell really fresh and don’t have a chemical scent either.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture nappy cream

When Daisy is suffering a severe outbreak of nappy rash we have a prescription product that we use. However, this can cause skin damage if used for prolonged periods of time. Because of this I like to have a normal use nappy cream as a secondary product. I have been using the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream when Daisy has had her bum changed. Because this nappy cream is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested I felt confident from the first use.

The Baby Dove Rich Moisture nappy cream works to neutralise pH in seconds. This means that if Daisy has been to the toilet, and we don’t notice right away, that the causes of redness are less likely to affect her. Also, I can create a protective layer with this cream that I can wipe off at the next change before drying her and re-applying another layer.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture nappy cream application

I have found that the Baby Dove Rich Moisture nappy cream has given Daisy a good protective layer and has not caused her any irritation or redness. Her nappy rash that she suffers from frequently hasn’t come back since I have been using this, although this has been a short time, and I’m really pleased with the quality so far. A small amount goes a long way, you can see how silky it is in the picture above too. It has a light, lovely fresh scent to it which I really like.

You can learn more about the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range by visiting the Dove website. You can find the Baby Dove range at Tesco, Asda and Boots instore and online.

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