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Our little Daisy recently turned 2. This means that I’ve been a Mum for 2 years. For 2 years I’ve been dealing with the bedtime routine, often by myself. The reason for this is that my lovely husband is a shift worker. Thomas works away from home 6am – 6pm or 6pm – 6am. He usually works 3-4 shifts per week, but sometimes more if the needs of the business require it. Because he works near to home he only leaves 30 minutes before, but this means that I do the bedtime routine alone all of those days. Sometimes this is because Thomas is getting ready for work and other times this is because he isn’t home from work yet. Regardless I want to talk to you today about our bedtime routine, how we make it work and share more about the Bath, Book & Bed campaign from BookTrust.

Our bedtime routine

For us our bedtime routine is always evolving. I spend a lot less time on the bedtime routine now that Daisy is two years old than I did when she was 6 months old for example. Our routine is set in stone now, flows really well and works most of the time fantastically.

Living Arrows 42/52 - Daisy feeding herself yoghurt

After Daisy has eaten her dinner she heads off for a bath. We have lots of toys in the bath and I use relaxing oils in there too, just to help her feel calm and relaxed before we head off to put her to bed.

I always communicate to Daisy what is going to happen next in her routine and this has improved the tantrums about her going to bed recently. As we’ve recently moved her to a toddler bed it has been really important to help her understand what bedtime is and that she stays in her room once she is there for the night.

Living Arrows 21/52 - Daisy playing in the bath

After Daisy has finished her bath we move to the bedroom. There I dry her hair, apply lotions to her skin and get her into fresh pyjamas. Then I attach a dummy to her clothing, get her a fresh bottle of milk and give her a medicine that she has to have at night-time.

Once this part of our bedtime routine has been completed we move over to Daisy’s toddler bed. There Daisy can enjoy her milk, if she wants to, while I read her a story. I really enjoy this part of our evening together as it gives me a little time to feel calm and relaxed, usually before I start work for the evening.

I like to make the most of the time when my husband is working night shifts. After Daisy has completed her Bath, Book & Bed routine she goes off to sleep really well, usually around 6-6:30pm. This means I have 3-4 hours where I can work, and still get a good nights sleep myself. I find that Daisy is well rested most mornings now and this bedtime routine works really well for us.

It only takes 45 minutes from start to finish to get Daisy into bed for the night and I really enjoy this time together. Daisy gives me lots of cuddles and I feel like we really bond during this time. It makes me feel happy that we can spend time together every evening in this way, even if our day itself has been really busy.

The Bath, Book & Bed campaign from BookTrust

BookTrust know that lack of sleep is one of the hardest aspects of being a parent to a small child. Being tired all of the time can feel really debilating. In fact, last year BookTrust found out that new parents are losing out on more than 650 hours of sleep a year. No wonder we feel so tired! 

The solution that BookTrust offer is to use their tried and tested 3 step routine for bedtime, which includes reading a soothing bedtime story. No need for any electronics, gadgets or gizmos – just good old fashioned Bath, Book & Bed! It really works. This campaign helps children get hooked on reading books from a young age which is fantastic for their development.

You can download the BookTrust Bath, Book, Bed booklet with advice from Jo Frost & Daddy Pig compeltely free here.

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