The bedroom of my dreams (AD)

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AD. Later this year my husband and I are FINALLY due to move house. I can hardly wait now and each week I’m looking at our finances, getting excited about moving and thinking about our future home.  No longer will my husband and I be sharing our bedroom with Daisy. We’ve already moved Daisy to a new bed, ready for when she has her own bedroom, and we are just a few months away from having a new bedroom of our own. Today I’m thinking about the bedroom of my dreams and exactly how it would look.

The bedroom of my dreams

Firstly the bedroom of my dreams would be white, or lightly painted. We’ve got a lightly painted room at the moment and I find it really calm and relaxing. It’s perfect for helping me to stay focused and enjoy a good nights sleep.

Dressing table

At present, I get ready standing in front of our mirrored wardrobes or using the little mirror in the bathroom. I don’t find this ideal so I would love somewhere to sit so that I can pamper myself, apply my makeup and straighten my hair in peace. I would also have somewhere to store my makeup bag and my *hairdryer and *hair straighteners too.

Triple wardrobe

Our current wardrobes are mirrored. While this is great and makes the room feel more spacious I would like something different next time. I would love a triple wardrobe with drawers along the bottom. This would allow me to have all of my season’s clothing in one place and to have space for PJs and underwear too.

Beside tables

We’ve always had bedside tables and I absolutely could not live without them now! I love to have my phone, hairbrush and a few other items to hand. Bedside tables are ideal for storing a few items like a book or even a notepad and a pen too. Ideal for when inspiration for blog posts hits me in the middle of the night!

Roof Windows

Having natural light in my home is something that is really important to me. I love Velux windows and would love to have roof windows in my next bedroom. I would be able to take beautiful photographs using all the natural light and it would be amazing to look out at the night sky too – preferably from my bed!

An office space

I know that when we move there won’t be a spare room for a home office, so I’d love an office space in my bedroom. Somewhere of my own that I can work, in peace, would be fantastic. However, I’d also love a managed workspace, like those from BE Offices, so I could just rock up, work, and get on home. Lots of my friends have offices now and seem to find this motivational – I’m sure I would too!

I’m really excited for the next year for my family. Having a new home to decorate, and a clean slate will be fantastic. I’m looking forward to my husband and I having our own bedroom once again, at least until we have another baby!

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