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How I’m saving time and money with my Beko washing machine (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this washing machine in exchange for coverage. Household chores are something that I actually find fairly enjoyable. Mostly. I know this is a bit unusual, to find chores enjoyable, but I always feel proud when my home is clean and organised. I regularly run through my 30 day declutter challenge and do what I can to keep our home clutter-free. Having appliances and products that make life easier, quicker or better is what I love. Today I want to talk to you about how I’m saving time with my new Beko washing machine.

Beko WTG941B1

Short cycles

My new machine has a fantastic range of cycles with 14 minute and 28-minute ones available! The 14-minute cycle is perfect for rinsing Daisy’s Tidy Tot bibs after she has eaten dinner. They come out sparkling and then I can hang on the back of the highchair ready to use the following night. The 28-minute cycle is ideal for washing hand towels, bedding and other items that are not filthy but need washing.

Large capacity

My Beko washing machine can hold a staggering 9kg of washing. This means I am having to do less frequent wash loads. This is saving me time and money too. I am able to use less water, less washing liquid and spend less time finding the washing to load the machine. I’m able to load the machine during the day, as I’m tidying up and then put it on with a colour catcher when it is full.

This is an example of just how much my Beko washing machine holds:

Beko WTG941B1 - 9kg load

No more ruined clothes

In the past, I was having to dispose of items of Daisy’s clothing that were just not coming up clean. Now, thanks to the baby & toddler clothing cycle, I’m able to save even the dirtiest clothes from going in the recycling. In particular, I am no longer going through 10s of pairs of socks and tights as they are coming out our new Beko machine sparkling!

One last way that I’m saving some time is by investing in a *heated airing horse. This has been absolutely fantastic. I’m no longer having to check our clothes multiple times and rotating everything 5 times to check that it is drying properly. I’m able to run the heated airer overnight and then our clothes are dry and can be packed away.

I have been really pleased with the quality of our Beko washing machine so far. If you want to find out more about our machine then check out my Beko washing machine review.

My main love for our new Beko washing machine is that I can run short cycles. This means I don’t need to leave my half-full washing basket cluttering up my bathroom. I can do washing twice a week, dry it overnight and our home doesn’t look like a Chinese laundry anymore!

I received my Beko washing machine for free in exchange for promotion on this blog. All opinions are my own, as are the tips for time and money saving featured in this post.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.