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Best musical toys for 1 year olds (AD)

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I cannot believe that my second daughter is soon to be a 1 year old! We’re preparing for the two months of Birthdays that come to our family between March and May, by starting a little early on the preparations!

Musical toys are fantastic for helping little babies and toddlers develop their fine motor skills, and they support sensory development too.

I’m sharing with you some of my best musical toys for 1 year olds, designed not only to allow them to express themselves, and make a noise, but work on those skills too! The featured toys are all from Wicked Uncle, who offer a fantastic selection of children’s toys.

Magic Touch Guitar – Strum Along Songs

This adorable guitar has delightful sounds, that are super realistic, and the 6 different keys are activated with just one tap. Ideal for little hands! All you need to do is strum the guitar in one simple motion and the fun sounds will play.

There are great side effects, including animal sounds, to make this extra fun!

A Strum Along Guitar which is a white plastic and wooden design, there are 6 keys (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) with animal characters on. There are two buttons, one for power, and one for two settings (musical notes and animal sounds), then a strum button.

Magic Touch Drums – Baby Einstein

Another fantastic item from the Magic Touch range is this Baby Einstein drum set.

A simple tap of the colourful drums is all that is needed for a different note to be played. There are two super fun settings on these drums, to provide hours of fun!  

Strum Along Drum set which has four pads, that you run your hand along, there are buttons to adjust the volume, turn it on and off and change from one musical setting to another (from music to animal sounds).

Farmyard Friends – Four Noisy Animals

This playset comes with four super cute plush animals; a pig, cow, duck and horse, which are all 10cm in height.

Each animal makes a sound, just by giving it a little squeeze. They come with their own fabric barn, which is 20cm, and has a fun Velcro opening into which you can squeeze an animal!

Penguin Musical Wobbler

This adorable penguin is super cute, and has perfected being wobbled around only to stand upright again! Watching this penguin wobble around is great fun, and it makes a lovely gentle tinkling sound as it wobbles. Great to keep little ones occupied, and get them laughing too!

Three Penguin wobbler toys, one rolling left, one standing upright, and one rolling right

Rotating Music Box

Most 1 year olds are on the move; whether rolling, crawling or walking, and so this rotating music box is a fantastic musical toy for 1 year olds.

This toy is smooth to hold, and can be rolled around, while playing music too. The decorative notes are colourful and attention catching too.

A Hape rotating music boy with musical notes and stars, with multiple colours inside.

In our home we love a mixture of different toys, noise is good with us, and we love to let our daughters express themselves.

1 year olds LOVE to make music. Cause and effect is a very important part of development at this age and we’re wanting to help with that learning and do what we can to continue to nurture our daughters growing and learning.

Wicked Uncle have fantastic Birthday presents for kids for all ages, and their website is full of handy tools to help you find the perfect gift, such as an age filter and great categories too. You can even visit the popular section to see what items other people have been purchasing.

Whether you’re buying for Christmas, Birthdays, or just because, Wicked Uncle also offer an amazing gift wrapping service, which will take some of the stress and prep work away from any upcoming special events!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.