Bibetta Star Changing Mat – roll ‘n’ go on the move!

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Daisy and I love to get out of our home every day. It seems that there is always a mountain of stuff to take with us. This is fine, as I don’t begrudge it, however, I’ve got 48 stairs to walk down with Daisy, the pram and all the items we need. This means that I want to condense down our changing bag, and the ‘must have’ items that we take out with us. When Bibetta got in touch to offer us a handy small changing mat I knew it would be a great addition to the changing bag. The main reason for this is I seem to end up in places lately where they don’t have decent changing facilities. Thanks to this Bibetta Star changing mat I can change her anywhere, including outside at the park if need be.

A look at the Bibetta star changing mat

The Bibetta Star changing mat folds down really small and is ideal for keeping underneath my pram when out for the day. You can see the Bibetta range of changing mats for yourself. Our Bibetta Star changing mat matched our pram – at least until I had to get a new hood recently and they only had black in stock!

Another look at the Bibetta star changing mat

As you can see it folds together nicely, and looks good. There is also a little pouch in the Bibetta Star changing mat if you want to store a nappy or wipes.

A close up look at the Bibetta star changing mat

When the Bibetta Star changing mat folds out it is a great size. Ideal for changing Daisy who is currently 15 months old.

A look at the closing mechanism on the Bibetta star changing mat

It is really easy to fold the Bibetta Star changing mat back up. The velcro makes it really easy to close up.

Overall I’ve been pleased with the Bibetta Star changing mat. It is quality, well made, simple to wipe over and best of all it is easy to fold back up. It takes just seconds to open and close and I can do it one handed if need be. Just about! 

This folds down nice and flat. I can either wedge it in my changing bag or I can store it in the bottom of my pram basket. It is heavy enough that it won’t blow away in the wind when we are out walking.

I love that this is a wipe clean changing mat as it is easy to keep it hygienic. The convenience of being able to change Daisy anywhere is great. When we visit a public changing room I can put the Bibetta Star changing mat down. I don’t have to worry about Daisy touching lots of dirty surfaces. With her having multiple allergies this is absolutely fantastic for us.

This is a real staple item for us now. It is so handy to have it there when we are out. No longer do I have to worry about dirty surfaces. Or changing Daisy on the grass at the park.

We received the Bibetta Star changing mat for free. We were under no obligation to write about in a blog post though. I loved it and wanted to share my thoughts with you!

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The Bibetta Star changing mat is ideal for using on the move. Change your baby discretely and easily with this folding changing mat.

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