Bidvine – Hire someone for the jobs you can’t or won’t do!

*This is a collaborative post*. These days my husband and I are a little pushed for time. There are jobs around our home that we want to do but don’t seem to find time for. This is probably just because they are jobs we don’t want to do! Bidvine has come along at the perfect time for us. You can hire someone for the jobs you can’t or won’t do!

Bidvine is quite a simple concept. They are a local services technology start-up. While they have started out in London they are expanding throughout the UK too. You can use the Bidvine website to place an advert for the type of job that you want carried out.

Requesting a quote is super simple over on Bidvine

Bidvine - A view of the questions that Bidvine typically ask

Firstly you will want to select your category. I went with ‘Baby photography’. Then I was asked a small amount of relevant questions. The questions I was asked about the type of photographs I wanted and if I was willing to travel. For the purpose of testing the service I marked ‘service professional travels to me. Once I entered a few basic details my quote was ready for service professionals to respond to.

Time to wait for the quotes to roll in

Bidvine - The screen after my quote had been submitted

Once my quote was complete I just had to wait. Within just over an hour I had my first quote. Within 12 hours (overnight) I had received 3 different quotes. The prices varied quite a lot, as did the service on offer. However, all of the quotes were relevant to the questions that I had answered. I was really surprised by how fast I received quotes and the level of detail that was provided. Each of the photographers who contacted me confirmed that they would be able to travel to me, what props they could bring with them and they knew my first name too. The quote process felt straight forward and I was really pleased with the quotes that I received.

Bidvine - Quote received screen

I love that there was a notification on the site when I received a quote, and also I received an email. There was an option to have a text message sent (for free) when a quote was received. I opted not to do this, as I was submitting my quote late in the evening, however, this is a great option. Especially if you are in a hurry to get your quote. This would be ideal if you was looking for a locksmith for example.

What did I think of using Bidvine?

I have used a couple of similar sites in the past and this was so simple to use. The website allowed me to join via Facebook, with a couple of clicks. This was a great time saver and I love this feature. My quote request took less than one minute to prepare. I had 3 responses back in 12 hours and I’m sure that more would have followed too. Also, the quotes that I received were relevant to my request too which is great.

Overall I have been really pleased with the quality of the Bidvine website. I love that you receive the quotes in advance of speaking with the people offering them. This means that you can rule out people without having to spend hours on the phone. Also, you should know what you are getting in advance before you commit to anything.

The Bidvine website works better, for me, than similar websites that I have tried in the past. I got a good amount of quotes, fast, and the details were clear. Prices were easy to understand and there was no jargon to submit my request either. There are a whole host of services available on the website. You could hire an electrician, get fit with a personal trainer, learn how to cook, hire a cleaner and much more!

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