Sprucing up my home with the Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured items in exchange for coverage. I’m a pretty big fan of cleaning and keeping my home tidy. I like to use microfibre clothes and re-use items as much as I can. Also, when washing Daisy’s clothes I want to use products that are going to be gentle on her very sensitive skin. For Daisy’s clothes I like to use a non-bio detergent, as this is best for her. I still need something that is going to remove the various stains of toddlerhood – food, pee and even poo. Nice. Today I want to share with you information about the Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies, and talk about how I’ve been using the Nimble Babies brand for a couple of years now. Also, if you’re reading this because you’re looking for gentler ways to clean then be sure to check out my quick way to clean a microwave – in just 2 minutes!

Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies

The Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies is a fantastic bundle of 3 different products in 7 sizes. The bundle contains Milk Buster, Sticky Stopper and Laundry Lover. This is our first time trying out the Sticky Stopper and Laundry lover products, but we’ve been fans of Milk Buster for a while now!

Milk Buster

We’ve been using Milk Buster for almost 2 years now, and find it perfect for removing residue from Daisy’s almond milk and formula bottles that she has at bedtime. Daisy was on a hydrolysed formula, until last month, and we’ve found using Milk Buster helped us stop needing to replace her bottles every couple of months because of clouding and generally looking grubby.

We already had a bottle of Milk Buster at home, that was nearly empty again, and so the refill pouch was perfect for filling this bottle up. I liked knowing that I was using less plastic, as there wasn’t another trigger pump created for another bottle. Then we’ve got another 200ml bottle to send to Grandma’s house and even a 60ml spray to keep in our changing bag, which is so handy as Daisy’s bottles get disgusting if left in our bag all day.

What I love about Milk Buster is it can just sit by my kitchen sink. I only need a couple of pumps to make the bottles look almost as good as new.

Sticky Stopper

The sticky stopper is a new product to us and is designed as a toy & surface cleaner. Personally, I have been using it to clean Daisy’s toys. I’ve been using the 60ml sticky stopper when out and about. It’s great for wiping down highchairs and cleaning surfaces before Daisy touches things. With Daisy having FPIES, and multiple allergies, the sticky stopper is fantastic and the 60ml bottle is the perfect size for our changing bag.

Laundry Lover

Obviously being a parent to a 2-year-old means we have lots of messes to deal with. We are quite relaxed about Daisy having fun, playing and making a mess. This is a great way for children to learn and it really helps with their development. Frequently Daisy will come home from Nursery covered in dirt and other mess, but I don’t have to worry. Laundry Lover is a non-bio detergent that is perfect for removing all manner of messes and stains that Daisy creates. We haven’t had any issues with it not working effectively yet, after 10+ washes of Daisy’s clothes.L

The bigger bottle is ideal for 25 washes, although I’ve found that a little goes a long way. Also, I love the scent of this. It really reminds me of new babies, and baby products in particular. The scent is quite long lasting on Daisy’s clothes but it doesn’t irritate her skin either. I’m really pleased that this is gentle on her skin and I love the scent.

The Big Bundle of Joy is £19.99 which represents a saving of almost £7 versus buying the products individually. For us, the Laundry Lover will run out the quickest, and the Milk Buster lasts the longest. I think the Big Bundle of Joy is a great starter set, to try out the Nimble Babies products, or even a fantastic alternative gift for a baby shower or to welcome a new baby. It is really different compared to the usual baby clothes, nappy cakes or skincare products.

Head on over to the Nimble Babies website to purchase a Big Bundle of Joy or one of their other great products. Alternatively click below to buy directly from Amazon:

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