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My huge matched betting win & how I won £7,906.12! (AD – Affiliate links)

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a * and if you click one of these links I will earn a discount or receive payment.

Today I am going to talk to you about how I made £7,906.12 in just 10 minutes from a huge matched betting win back in 2016! Now that in itself is an attention grabbing headline and one I am so proud of. It was basically all down to luck!!

So for the last month or so I have been putting more time and effort into matched betting. This is the process of using free bets, and special offers, from casino websites and online bookmakers to try to make a profit.

I pay £17.99 per month to use the Profit Accumulator program and it is worth every penny for me! Be sure to read my pros and cons of matched betting for a really honest insight into the good and bad side of matched betting.

My huge matched betting win… £7,906.12!

One such free bet recently required me to wager through spins on a slot machine. In return for doing so I was awarded a free bet. While playing my spins I got my balance up to £43, meaning I made a nice profit. I was really pleased with this for just a few minutes ‘work’.

Then I received my free bet. I made a nice return, which had to be wagered through. I was close to finishing the wagering requirements so I played a fairly large spin so I could cashout. Then I hit a HUGE win! The end result was I won £7,906.12 thanks to a huge matched betting win!

Here is my screenshot proof…

Matched betting how to win big

I know my win was purely down to luck! I would never have had my huge matched betting win without matched betting! For me it was worth wagering in exchange for the free bet as the likelihood of making a profit was quite high.

I made a profit on the offer, before I even received my free bet. If I had decided not to complete this offer then I wouldn’t have had this year changing win!

You’re never going to just stumble across a mystery formula of how to win matched betting – as everyone wins!

Can someone teach me matched betting? How does matched betting work?

*Profit Accumulator does all of the leg work for me and allows me to see the latest offers available. I can use their forum, to see how well people are doing from the offers, and calculate whether any of the risky ones are worth completing. I tend to stick to the best-rated offers, and low risk offers, and I do well despite this.

You can use *Profit Accumulator to learn how matched betting works, learn advanced matched betting and much more. You’ll learn everything you need to know about mug betting, lay betting, making money from casino offers, qualifying bets and much more.

The terminology can feel a little daunting at the start but it is explained with great text and video based guides. You can learn how to place bets to earn yourself a profit and how to build your own matched betting strategy.

If you want to take part in matched betting there are lots of offers that are simple to complete, assuming you follow the guides/calculator properly. You can complete the offers, which combine free bet offers, to make yourself a profit. In just 2 weeks in May 2016 I made over £1,000.

In June 2016, without this huge matched betting win, I made even more. I went on to make £15,000 in just 4 months with this huge matched betting win! Because I was new to quite a few casino / online bookmaker websites I was able to take advantage of a number of special offers.

There is a brand new service from the makers of Profit Accumulator!

*Bonus Accumulator is focused on casino deals and includes ways to unlock the profit possible from casino offers. 100s of signup and reload offers are available with an initial expected value of more than £3,600.

You’ll find risk-free, low, medium and high risk offers to suit all risk levels. Note: This is a different membership service to Profit Accumulator and covers risky offers too so be aware that you may be risking your money when completing offers. Read all terms of all offers before spending money.

Is matched betting worth it?

Before I joined *Profit Accumulator I did not think that there would be a lot of new members offers open to me. This is because in the past I had signed up to companies via TopCashBack to make a bit of money.

There are more than 50 different websites listed on *Profit Accumulator. Also, there are hundreds of pounds worth of reload offers to complete every week. Even if you already have accounts open with lots of betting sites! You’ll get all of the tips you need to start making money from just one bet.

How much can you earn matched betting?

It is had to put a price on it really, in £ amount, however, wih 3-5 hours per week I have previously made £100-300, depending on the offers available to me.

The amount that you can make depends on whether you have completed the new customer offers with the main betting websites and exchanges, however, why not give it a go? Any money made is great, as the returns versus time put in are pretty good in my opinion!

Should you want to make some money then you can sign up for a *trial of Profit Accumulator for just £1! (Be sure to cancel after if you don’t want to sign up for premium membership). 

For my inquisitive readers… The majority of the money went to replacing some savings we had to use.

I also paid for a couple of Centerparcs holidays, booked us some activities, treated us to a nice takeaway (still made sure we were able to save money on takeaways) and bought our lovely daughter some gifts too. I am so grateful to have this stroke of good luck.

If you’re looking to make some extra money online then be sure to check out my post of great ways to make and save money.

Not sure matched betting is for you? Fair enough! I’ve got a whole list of ways to make and save money, without any upfront investment, that you should find helpful! Don’t forget to check out my pros and cons of matched betting.

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The biggest win of my life thanks to matched betting! How I won £7,906.12 in just 10 minutes and what I did with it!

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Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Wow that's amazing Katy :)

I do matched betting too and sometimes do the slot offers. My biggest win is around £80. I think I was around 8p up after the sky Vegas offer lol.

Helen Trippett

Thursday 23rd of June 2016

Fabulous, well done xx

Jessica McDonnell

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

That's an insane amount of money, congratulations! I keep telling my husband to have a go at matched betting, I've heard so many great things.


Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Congratulations on your win. I really do need to knuckle down and get stuck in to matched betting! xx


Monday 20th of June 2016

Wow that is epic! I'm too much of an anti-gambling phobic to even try matched betting - I wonder what I'm missing eh?!