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Christmas baking items I love

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If you enjoy relaxing at Christmas time, like I do, you’ll probably enjoying a little baking during your downtime too! I love to make Christmas treats for my family and friends. Also, I find that this is the perfect activity to start me relaxing for Christmas time. I am going to share with you my essential Christmas baking items.


There is something about Christmas that makes a bundt tin a real must for me. I love making a nice big cake that the whole family can enjoy in the run up to Christmas Day. You could also make a classic Christmas cake in this for something a little different!

This is perfect for baking both muffins and also making super size yorkshire puddings – yum!

Daisy wearing an elf costume surrounded by Christmas presents and text overlay that says the best places to hide your Christmas presents!

A rolling pin is great for using to make mince pies, gingerbread and much more.

An icing sugar duster is a fundamental part of my Christmas baking. I use mine for dusting all sorts and in particular homemade mince pies.

Chopped carrots, a slow cooker whole chicken and air fryer roast potatoes with text overlay that says get ahead with this Christmas Dinner meal prep

Ready to roll icing is a nice ‘cheat’ item at Christmas. This is great for icing a Christmas cake or even topping off an open mince pie for a nice treat.


No Christmas would really be complete without mincemeat. This is one of my favourite Christmas baking items.

I have a variety of cake tins but for me a couple of 8″ ones are essential. I use these all year round but especially at Christmas time.

A hanging reindeer Christmas tree ornament with text overlay that says 10 ways to save for Christmas

Everyone loves a cookie right? I love a mixture of different cookie cutters and this little set is ideal.


My food processor is really convenient. As well as chopping and mixing I can also use a dough hook. This is great for baking breads at Christmas time too. There are lots of uses for a food processor.

Accuracy can be the difference between that perfect flavoursome Christmas cake and blandness. Measuring cups and spoons are used regularly in my kitchen – all year round.

Gingerbread people with text overlay that says absolutely delicious Christmas cookies

Same as above really! I use my measuring jug on my weighing scales. This helps me get that extra precision that is required with baking.

Sieved flour helps with making cakes just that little bit lighter in my opinion

A palette knife is great for spreading toppings over cakes andI even use mine for flipping eggs when I’m in a rush!

A fabric heart Merry Christmas ornament in a fir tree with text overlay that says lovely Christmas decorations

I’ve gone through a few of these in the last few years. My husband often laughs when he sees me with a pastry brush. I’ve got a really bad habit of using one to brush a HOT frying pan and then wonder why it has melted! I love a silicone one to help with egg washing bakes such as sausage rolls before they go in the oven.

Weighing scales are always handy. I use mine for portion control, for weighing ingredients for recipes and much more. I have even been known to use mine for checking that my husband and I have equal food if any disagreement occurs!

Mixing bowls are a must have. When I’m not using my food processor or stand mixer I LOVE to use these mixing bowls. I also love a nice *Mason Cash one.


Christmas time is about lots of flavour. I seem to use a lot more citrus flavours at Christmas time. I love to use an individual zester but I also have a box grater too.

A Santa ornament in a garden centre with text overlay that says being charitable at Christmas time

Spices, and a spice rack, are not just Christmas baking items for me but items that I use pretty much every day. I love to cook with nice flavours.

This is an obvious one really! How are you going to whisk up whipping cream without one of these?

A bit of an unconventional one and a money saver too! These baking tray liners are ideal for protecting your sausage rolls from sticking. I love that they are reusable and I’ve used mine for several years now, without replacement.

My baking will be easier this Christmas thanks to my Savisto stand mixer. It is great to be able to throw in the ingredients and let it work its magic!

Whatever you are baking this year I hope my Christmas baking items come in hand. Also, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous Christmas!

A festive Christmas scene with a badger, fireplace and red and green theme
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A notebook and pen with text overlay that says Aims for September 2020 - the results
Aims for September 2020 – the results

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Wednesday 14th of December 2016

They are so useful aren't they!

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