Least favourite things about Christmas – #Blogmas Day 19

Recently I have been sharing a Christmas related post each day for #Blogmas. Now I have been thoroughly enjoying talking to you about Christmas. Traditions, time together, decorating the tree and good food are all aspects I REALLY enjoy. Despite my love of Christmas there are a few things that I don’t enjoy quite so much. These are my least favourite things about Christmas:

Least favourite things about Christmas – Enforced merriment

God help you if you’re depressed at Christmas time. People seem to think that you should just ‘cheer up’. Obviously if you are depressed you can’t just ‘snap out of it’. I have heard this first hand with a relative of mine. Other people are moaning about their mood. I realised then that Christmas is probably one of the hardest times to feel low or be depressed. Everyone around you seems to be jolly and in a fantastic mood. People seem to have lots of money to buy lovely gifts and often this is just for show.

I would much rather spend the day giving comfort to a friend, or loved one, that receive a lavish gift.

Least favourite things about Christmas – Excessive alcohol

This seems to be a common theme during special occasions but Christmas in particular. I’m not someone who will drink to excess, ever. I may have done when I was 17 or 18, for a short time, on the weekend. I’ve long since grown out of this and I don’t know why other people my age, and much older, haven’t. It is perfectly possible to have a drink without going over the top. You can enjoy a nice Baileys, a glass of Prosecco or a lager without turning into a lush! Switching alternate drinks with soft drinks is a fantastic way to stay in control, spend less and look after your body too.

Least favourite things about Christmas – Overspending

In years gone by my husband and I were guilty of this. We used to have a chunk of debt, for all the wrong reasons. Every year we would overspend and use catalogues. Despite having much more disposable income, we have a modest budget. We keep this the same every year and I enjoy the challenge of shopping around and sticking to a budget (almost!). I am not saying that we don’t indulge a little but we stay sensible. We only buy for immediate family (parents, siblings and nieces/nephews). Also, we don’t go mad when spending on presents. We usually spend around £10 per person, if that. I use special offers found on websites such as Latest Deals, loyalty points, coupons and discount codes to save extra money. I also earn cash back from TopCashBack to get the new year started off with a bit of cash.

Least favourite things about Christmas – Seeing people you don’t want to see

This is something that REALLY drives me mad! A lot of people feel like Christmas a time to reach out, and it is. However, while I agree to this, to a certain extent, what annoys me are relatives who don’t bother for most of the year and then expect you to visit their home on Christmas Day. We are bucking that trend and being stingy with our time this Christmas.

We will be seeing our parents on Christmas Eve, and Boxing Day. Then we will be spending Christmas Day just the three of us. I would much rather we enjoy yourselves, seeing the people who bother all year, than wasting time, and energies, on those who don’t know we exist the other 11 months of the year.

#Blogmas Day 19 - Least favourite things about Christmas

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  1. Caz December 19, 2016 / 8:57 am

    A good post about the other side to Christmas, especially with the ‘enforced merriment’! There’s definitely a lot of pressure, excess, overspending and stress involved for something that, every year, seems to be over incredibly quickly…
    Caz x

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