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Christmas Gift Guides – #Blogmas Day 2

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With Christmas right around the corner most people are now starting to think about buying Christmas presents. I have already wrote several Christmas gift guides myself, with some inspiration based on what I am giving this year. It has been great to look around for alternative presents this year.

Personally I like to write a list of people that I want to buy for and then I work on the list over several months. The helps me to spread out some of the cost. It also allows me to ensure that I do not over spend. I have found in the past that when buying all of my Christmas shopping in one go I can get a little carried away. Then I feel like I have spent more on one person than another. All of this is just a bad way to lead to additional spending really.

By spreading the cost, and the purchases, over several months I save a lot. I am able to take advantage of special offers, discount codes, coupons and use websites such as Latest Deals to help me find offers.

Whether you are super prepared, or buy last minute, I want to share my Christmas gift guides with you.

Christmas gift ideas for Mums and Dads

Christmas gift ideas for babies (ideal for parents too!)

I hope that you will find these Christmas gift guides useful. This year I have ordered a wide variety of different gifts for relatives. I find it tricky to buy for some people usually. Sometimes I find myself resorting back to the same old gift sets and smellies. This is ok, for some people, but I wanted to mix it up this year. I have managed to stay away from the bog standard gift sets – mostly and still buy lovely gifts in the process.

#Blogmas Day 2 - Christmas gift guides

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.