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What does Christmas mean to you?

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I absolutely love Christmas, almost all aspects of it.  I love that typically it is a time of year that people enjoy holidays together, take time off work and generally learn how to relax a little bit more. Christmas is typically about eating, drinking and being merry. Obviously this is fantastic but I am going to talk to you today about what Christmas means to me.

Daisy and Grandma at Christmas together in Grandma's house


Firstly, for me, Christmas is about family. I love spending time together with people. I enjoy being able to visit with family, have family visit me and generally just catch up with people. A lot of people within our family work in trades where they traditionally enjoy days off work for Christmas time.

Food and drink

A load of finished airfryer roast potatoes

Christmas is definitely a time where it is possible to overindulge. It says something that a lot of people will take part in New Year’s Resolutions where they will want to cut back, lose weight or change their lifestyle.

Personally I prefer to take a more gentle approach to Christmas. I see it as a time to enjoy good food, and drink, but also a time to do more batch cooking, meal planning and cooking from scratch. Not only does this help to save money but it is also significantly healthier too.

I love being able to give my friends and family nice treats when they come over and I love it more when I have made them myself. I’m prone to using a few treats, frozen pastry for example, but typically I do a lot of Christmas Day meal prep in advance.

Chopped carrots, a slow cooker whole chicken and air fryer roast potatoes with text overlay that says get ahead with this Christmas Dinner meal prep

This then frees me up for making delicious treats throughout the weeks in the lead up to Christmas. I try and ensure that I don’t let my shopping budget go out of control. I buy a little alcohol, and a few treats, each week in the run up, but apart from a couple of ‘fancy’ meals at Christmas time we typically just enjoy our usual food, and a few roast dinners.


Christmas is a great time for relaxation for me. I will usually receive lots of posh smellies, hello Champneys! I love to take a little bit of time for a nice soak in the bath, a face mask or a nice body scrub. Because other people have been kind enough to spend money, to treat me, I like to ensure that I get the most out of the gifts I receive.

Daisy wearing an elf costume surrounded by Christmas presents and text overlay that says the best places to hide your Christmas presents!

I’m never one to ask for specific gifts but typically my husband knows what I love and will treat me to a few nice bits at Christmas time. In recent years I’ve started keeping an Amazon wishlist too, as people often ask for this now! This means I can add items throughout the year that I would like, but don’t necessarily need, and get a nice surprise for Christmas!

I also think that I enjoy more relaxation at Christmas time just because I have more free time. I often slow down on paid work in December and this means I have more time to relax, pamper myself and spend time with my family too.


I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorations! Homemade ones, or those that look homemade, are my favourite. I love seeing unique and personalised decorations on Christmas trees. My husband and I have built up quite a collection of decorations in the 10 years that we have celebrated Christmas together in our own home.

A fabric heart Merry Christmas ornament in a fir tree with text overlay that says lovely Christmas decorations

I love it every year when we get together to put up the Christmas tree. It is a really exciting time for us and I love our little tradition of placing the star on our Christmas tree together.

The weather

I know this is going to make me sound a little bizarre, potentially, but I love the weather now. I love the crispness to the air. Crunching through dead leaves, wearing warm clothes, wrapping up with my family and the wonder of ‘will it snow?’.

The weather is one of my favourite things about Christmas time and Winter is definitely my favourite season.

A reindeer Christmas tree ornament that says Merry Christmas and text overlay that says gingerbread recipe - perfect for Christmas time!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about what Christmas means to me. I love Christmas time. Obviously receiving presents is always nice, however, it isn’t what Christmas is about for me. There have been years where finances have been tight in our household. We’ve had very minimal money some years and the bills were always a priority.

Because we became used to not overspending for the most part we still keep a fairly tight hold on the Christmas spend. My husband and I set a modest budget for ourselves, and this is fine with me. I don’t think that our Christmas spend has to experience the same exponential growth that our finances have in the past two years.

What does Christmas mean to you?

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A reindeer Christmas tree ornament that says Merry Christmas
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