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Our Christmas Day – #Blogmas Day 25

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Merry Christmas! The day is finally here. Don’t worry – I’m not working. I scheduled this post back in November because I wanted a week off with my family.

Today I want to share with you a little over of our Christmas Day. I’ll let you know what we aim to be doing and hope you’ll share some of your day with me too – even if you don’t get around to it for a few days!

Well that has come around fast hasn’t it… I can’t believe it is our Christmas Day already!

Our Christmas Day

Breakfast – This is super important. Of course! I wrote about this earlier in the month. For Christmas Breakfast this year we are having pate on toast! Unusual I know… Got to get the day started right!

Because Daisy is only little we will then be sitting down and open presents together.

Throughout the day we will be enjoying Baileys, festive music, Christmas films, the Queens speech and more.

Our Christmas Dinner will be a traditional one. We will sit down, late afternoon, to turkey with all the trimmings. I’ll be making air fryer roast potatoes (of course!) and lots of yummy vegetables. Daisy will also be enjoying her first ever roast dinner – dairy free of course.

After Christmas Dinner we will probably play with our new Christmas presents. Daisy has got an In The Night Garden train coming (how exciting) and I can’t wait for her to touch it and promptly move on to her next toy. Probably her Clanger. That she has had for months now.

The rest of the day will be just be spent relaxing together. We are not going to be rushing around seeing relatives this year as we are having a family Christmas just the three of us. Boxing Day we will be visiting our in-laws though so that will be nice for everyone.

Our Christmas Day is here already!

I am so happy that Daisy’s first Christmas Day is finally here! Our Christmas Day will be lovely – just because we are together. I haven’t really asked for any specific presents, as I never do anymore, so I’ll be very happy with anything that I receive. Throughout the year I tend to buy myself nice treats anyway so there isn’t anything I really want or need. I’m sure I’ll get something lovely, as my husband usually does a good job anyway!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about our Christmas Day – now go off and enjoy your own!

#Blogmas Day 25 - Our Christmas Day


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