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Top 10 Christmas songs

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Like a lot of people I love getting into the festive spirit. I’m happy to decorate my home in early December. I like to spread out the present buying. I’m also a big fan of spending time with friends and family, when possible.

Christmas for me is about so much more than just presents. I want to enjoy good music, food, drinks, time together and general relaxation. I thought I would share with you my Top 10 Christmas songs.

Christmas music is one of the most important factors, for me, when getting into the festive spirit. I love to be able to put on a nice playlist and just relax with songs that you only really play one month of the year.

A reindeer Christmas tree ornament that says Merry Christmas and text overlay that says gingerbread recipe - perfect for Christmas time!

These are my Top 10 Christmas songs

All I want for Christmas is you

It is SUCH a cliche but I just love to hear the opening notes for the first time each season. I remember once I was in a Chinese restaurant with my husband in July and suddenly it started playing. The restaurant had placed a Christmas song CD on and it was a good half hour before anyone noticed. We had such a laugh and now I often think of that moment when I hear this song for the first time each year.


Fairytale of New York

I feel like this is such an emotive song for me for so many different reasons. This song has followed me throughout the ever changing seasons of my life and I feel really emotional when I hear it for the first time each year!

Daisy wearing an elf costume surrounded by Christmas presents and text overlay that says the best places to hide your Christmas presents!

Last Christmas

I saw George Michael in concert once, in very late December, and because it was basically Christmas already he said ‘oh bloody hell go on then!’ and sung this song. It was clearly planned, as fake snow was sprayed around the arena, and it was such a lovely moment!

Merry Christmas everyone

Since I am a Stevens, by marriage, I once told my Mum that I was going to be seeing ‘Uncle Shaky’ at Christmas time. She was made up for me when I told her that he would be performing for us and SO disappointed when I admitted that it was just a silly joke! Now I think about this song with even more fond memories than I had a few years ago.

A Santa ornament in a garden centre with text overlay that says being charitable at Christmas time

I wish it could be Christmas everyday

A classic, and one that my daughter loves! I think if we could bottle up all of the great aspects of Christmas Day, and enjoy them daily, I definitely would!

Jingle Bell Rock

This is cutesy and just a song that makes me want to dance and get into the festive spirit.

A festive Christmas tree with a lemon bauble theme and text overlay that says reaching out at Christmas time

Driving home for Christmas

I know that my husband often listens to this song on his way home from work. Sometimes he works on Christmas Day, which is a shame, and we count down the minutes until he is home.

This song brings back so many memories for me of Christmas time and travelling the motorway to see loved ones.

A Santa ornament holding presents in a garden centre with text overlay that says what are your Christmas traditions?

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

A perfect song for a little dance at Christmas time!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

I know this isn’t the original but I absolutely love this version. So emotive, and so lovely to sing along to when I’m baking or preparing in the kitchen for Christmas time.

Santa Baby

What a voice. Such a classic Christmas song. I love it so much!

Hope that you have enjoyed my Top 10 Christmas songs as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. I’m a lover of Christmas music, when Christmas is almost here!

Our home is usually full of Christmas music for the whole of December, but not much before that.

Chopped carrots, a slow cooker whole chicken and air fryer roast potatoes with text overlay that says get ahead with this Christmas Dinner meal prep

Christmas music definitely helps to set the scene in our home and get us ready for a lovely festive season. I haven’t ranked my songs in any particular order.

If I was picking my ultimate favourite it would be ‘Fairytale of New York’. I absolutely love that song, and the lyrics. I’m always singing along to it and feel that is really gets me into the mood for a nice Christmas drink and a good time with friends and family.

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These are my top 10 Christmas songs. I love Christmas songs and these are some of my favourites for the festive period

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Monday 5th of December 2016

Morning Katy, yep I have to agree to all those songs, the only thing in our house is when the tree and trimmings go up, and on a night when it's all cosy, I sometimes have to put some more traditional songs on ( especially if the Mulled wine is out lol ) xx


Tuesday 6th of December 2016

Sounds so lovely! I don't mind the odd traditional song but I worked in Sainsburys once and they played them for a month solid! I used to work 40 hours a week so it was a bit much!

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