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Favourite Christmas adverts – #Blogmas Day 8

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Christmas time… A time for companies to make you feel sentimental to extract cash from you! That is how it feels sometimes anyway! With some companies spending more than £5,000,000 on their advertising just for Christmas it is obvious that Christmas means big money. Despite knowing this, and understanding why Christmas adverts exist, I still love a good advert! Today I am sharing with you my favourite Christmas adverts.

These are my favourite Christmas adverts:

Toys “R” Us ‘Magical Place’

Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are Coming’

John Lewis ‘The Long Wait’

Quality Street ‘Magic Moments’

Yellow Pages ‘Mistletoe’

Also, my favourite Christmas adverts this year would have to be these:


John Lewis ‘Buster the Boxer’

M&S ‘Christmas with love from Mrs Claus’

As you can see this is a bit of a mixed bag! I’m someone who thoroughly enjoys seeing what each retailer has to offer, in terms of their Christmas advert, each year. I’m sure that they do spend a lot of money on their adverts, but naturally they want your money at a big time of the year. I love it when a retailer does a little something for charity, as part of their campaign.

I love it when a Christmas advert has a sentiment behind it. For example the sentiment behind this years advert from Sainsburys is spending time with your family. There is a song, which features alongside the advert, that is voiced by James Corden. This is talking about how the greatest gift that you can give is time – something that I think is fantastic! Obviously they are still getting their name out there but they are also reminding people of what is important at Christmas time.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas with my family this year – especially now we have a daughter. I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about my favourite Christmas adverts. I love a trip down memory lane and have watched some awesome videos while compiling my little list!

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These are my favourite Christmas adverts. I love Christmas television viewing and these are some of my favourite Christmas ads from years gone by

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.