How to make the ultimate junk food – a burger pie!

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Let me start by saying… This is NOT a healthy recipe! Nothing about this is healthy. I won’t pretend otherwise. However, the burger pie is an incredible dish, that is great with a side salad. The burger pie was something that I thought of when I had some shortcrust pastry to use up. Actually, I think my husband suggested it. He likes burgers. A lot. Basically, you take a burger and then you cover it with pastry. Yum. I’m going to tell you how we made our burger pie so you can try it for yourself. If you fancy eating ALL your daily calories in one meal. Yum. Scroll near the end of this post to see a printable burger pie recipe card.

A look at the finished burger pie

Ingredients for burger pie

Shortcrust pastry – I used my own recipe but you can just buy it for around £1. You could save yourself some effort and buy a ready rolled sheet if you want to be really lazy. My recipe made enough pastry for 4 burger pies. Which would easily feed 4 people.

Burgers – I went for homemade that I made using a *burger press. 5% beef mince, sweet red pepper, salt & pepper, onions, herbs and a handful of breadcrumbs. Combine together, pop in the *burger press and that’s it. Burgers. Mmm!

Burger toppings – I used onion chutney, chorizo and cheddar cheese. Yum!

If you want to be lazy or aren’t big on homemade everything, then you can just buy quality burgers from your butcher, and a sheet of pastry. Shortcrust pastry was our preferred pastry for this, but puff pastry would work too I assume. There is no way I’m making puff pastry on a weeknight! 

Method for burger pie

Roll out your pastry. Make a square if possible. Place your burger in the middle.

A look at the burger pie while being made

Put your toppings on. We used chorizo, onion chutney and grated cheddar.

A look at the burger pie fillings that I used

Fold the edges around and encase the burger.

A look at the back of the burger pie once the pastry has been folded

Turn the burger pie over. That is it. Ready to go in the oven.

A look at the burger pie before it goes in the oven

Ours were cooked for around 30 minutes at gas mark 6, which is around 200C. The cooking time really depends on the size of the burgers within. Ours were around quarter pounders, so around 114g. The weight of the pastry was similar too I believe.

A look at the finished burger pie

If you want to be fancy you could brush your pastry with egg or milk. I didn’t bother and it didn’t cause a problem.

Easy peasy, naughty food pleasy! This is super easy, super lazy (if you don’t make the components) and is REALLY unhealthy. I won’t lie. However, it was TASTY!

How to make my burger pie recipe:

burger pie

Course Main Course
Keyword beef, pastry
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 4 servings


  • 2 sheets shortcrust pastry
  • 4 burgers
  • Various burger toppings Chorizo, cheese, pickles - anything you fancy!


  1. Roll out your pastry. Make a square if possible. Place your burger in the middle.
  2. Put your toppings on. We used chorizo, onion chutney and grated cheddar.
  3. Fold the edges around and encase the burger.
  4. Turn the burger pie over. That is it! Ready to go in the oven.

  5. Brush with milk if you like. 

  6. Cook at Gas Mark 6 (200C) for 30 minutes. 

Products I use when making my burger pie recipe:

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*Rolling Pin / *Burger press

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The ultimate junk food - the burger pie. A quarter pounder wrapped in shortcrust pastry. Tasty, SO naughty and quick to make too

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  1. katykicker July 8, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    It was SO good! One is more than enough too.

  2. Abbie July 8, 2017 / 6:24 pm

    I’m going to have to show my other half this, he’ll LOVE it!

    • katykicker July 8, 2017 / 6:43 pm

      Mine did too! He said that I could add it to the meal plan (he’ll be lucky!)

  3. katykicker July 9, 2017 / 9:28 am

    You can leave the cheese out and swap it for a nice herb butter – or anything you fancy really! x

  4. katykicker July 9, 2017 / 9:30 am

    It is indeed REALLY bad for you – however, SO tasty! Definitely not one for the weekly meal plan haha!

  5. sarah July 10, 2017 / 7:48 am

    that looks so gross yet somehow yummy at the same time, i guess thats the point of junk food haha!

    • katykicker July 10, 2017 / 7:48 am

      Haha yes. You know from looking at it that you’re clogging up your insides, yet you still want to try one. Haha.

  6. Lesley February 2, 2018 / 4:21 pm

    Blimey, that sounds good. I’m going to look the other way now!

    • katykicker February 4, 2018 / 8:23 pm

      Haha. We’ve only had it once. SO bad! (But so tasty!) x

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