Make money from your blog with affiliate marketing

Those of you who know me personally will know that I make money from my blog, a full time wage. There are a number of ways that I make my money online, including my blog. However, if I did nothing else but blog now I would be making a respectable wage for myself. I’m someone who likes to share with my readers ways to make money. I want to talk to you today about how you can make money from your blog with affiliate marketing.

Make money from your blog with affiliate marketing

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How to remove your Ace Media pitch pack

I’m a huge fan of anything that checks that you are genuine in life. In the past I have shared screenshots of my earnings on websites such as Clixsense. I have shared screenshots of big wins on matched betting – like this one for £7,906.12. Clearly I have nothing against people checking what I say is genuine, however, I’m going to tell you today How to remove your Ace Media pitch pack.

I personally chose to remove my Pitch Pack from Ace Media after seeing a post from Lil Spin Pr (since removed!). They are comparing a person’s media kit to their Ace Media pitch pack. While comparisons are fine, of course, it feels a bit like the blogger is being bullied and singled out. Anyone who knows this blogger may well know who they are, from the blurry profile image. The same way people would be able to tell my blurry image of my little family.How to remove your Ace Media pitch pack - a look at some of the statistics from the pitch pack

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Blogging goals for 2017 – what I want to achieve

I’m really excited for 2017. My blog has gone so much in the last year. Traffic to my website has tripled in the past year and the last few months of 2016 were amazing for me. I was featured by the BBC News website, I was on BBC Radio and so many other amazing things happened for me. As I’m someone who loves to hold themselves accountable in life I want to set my Blogging goals for 2017.

Blogging goals for 2017 - Find out what I want to achieve

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Happy New Year and thanks to my readers!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a moment, and a day on my blog, to thank my readers! Without you lovely people checking in daily, weekly, whenever, my life wouldn’t be where it is now. I’m truly blessed everyday to be able to sign in to my website and talk about anything I want – best of all people actually read it! I’m regularly surprised at the little details that people glean from my website and about my personal life. I’ve met people in public who have read my blog, and recognised me despite my Mum clothes and hair! I’ve met people online who have been fantastic for me and I have for them too.

love my blog. Honestly! It is one of the best things to ever happen to life besides the obvious. Anyone can have their own little space on the web but I love mine. I’ve even trademarked Katykicker – it truly is mine now!

I thoroughly enjoy talking to my readers on social media. I love keeping my readers updated on what I am doing each and every day. Whether it is sharing a photograph of my daughter Daisy on Instagram, linking to my latest blog post on Facebook or talking about todays goals on Twitter I’m often around! There are quite a few lovely readers who email me regularly too (especially you Dave – hello!) and I love hearing more about my readers and what brings them back.

Thanks to all my lovely readers I don’t have to do anything else now for work. I can focus full time on my blog. I’ve already wound down some of my freelance work that I used to do and I am looking forward to even more time for my blog in 2017! Thanks to each and every one of you who reads my posts, clicks my links, leaves comments and contacts me on social media. Without you people I would have given up a long time ago I’m sure! Don’t worry, I’ll still be finding those great ways to make money online and sharing them here. Money is money after all and I LOVE to help people! 

Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year and Thanks to my readers!