Winner Winner Chicken Dinner at Win A Dinner

I’m online pretty much every day. For hours. This means that I’ve got lots of time in which I end up procrastinating. To try and limit the amount of time that I waste I find useful ways to waste my time. One of these ways is by visiting free daily prize draw websites. It takes just a few seconds to visit each website and sometimes I can win cash! Today I want to talk to you about Win A Dinner. With Win A Dinner you can win a takeaway, a meal out or a nice sum of cash!

Win a Chicken dinner (or CASH!) with Win A Dinner

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Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hairdryer review

I’ve got the frizziest hair ever. Or at least that is how it feels. My hair is a blinking nightmare! If I don’t use Frizz Ease shampoo and Frizz Ease straightening spray (or 3 day straight) it looks atrocious. I look like I’ve not bothered to brush my hair to be frank. Using a hairdryer, and straighteners, is part of my regular routine. I was offered the chance to try out this Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hairdryer (available here) I could hardly say no! Anything that could improve the appearance of my hair is well worth it for me. You can grab it next day with a free Amazon Prime trial too if that takes your fancy.

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New Year, New You – Laugh through January

January is a bit of a rubbish month really isn’t it. Even if you’re good with money it is still not the best. The long pay day, the short daylight, the weather. Not much about January is cheery. Personally I like the new year. I like to set my goals for the year. I also love to spring clean my home. Besides that though I can see why people find January depressing. By this point in the month I’m looking forward to January being over. The New Year is the ideal time to think about what you want to achieve for the year. New Year, New You and all that!

New Year, New You

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Win a NimNik Ships Frigate 3D Puzzle for kids

Well that year went fast didn’t it! I cannot believe that we are already in 2017. To celebrate 2017, and another great year of blogging, I have got a little competition for you. You could win a NimNik Ships Frigate 3D Puzzle for kids. Although I’m sure that adults could play with it as well!

NimNik Ships Frigate 3D Puzzle for Kids

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Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners review & competition

Recently I realised that my GHD straighteners are SUPER old. I’ve had them for years. Now if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – right?! That is what I thought! I wouldn’t worry about spending money upgrading them, however, when I was offered the chance to review a pair how could I say no?! The Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners were ordered from Amazon and were delivered the very next day! You can grab yourself an Amazon Prime free trial if you want free next day delivery too.

Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners - A look at the fancy box

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