Changing up the #NationsFavourites with Richmond chicken sausages + a giveaway!

I’m a big fan of using my slow cooker, and of having a big variety of dinners in our meal planning repertoire. From time to time we like to mix it up, with some easier dinners, that are delicious and yet don’t take long to cook. For nights like this, we love a sausage based dinner. Sausage and mash, toad in the hole, sausage cassoulet, sausage, chips & beans – the list goes on! Recently I was invited to London, by Richmond, to find out more about their new Richmond chicken sausages – which have 20% less calories and 30% less fat but still taste good!

Richmond chicken sausages - #NationsFavourites

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A step by step guide to making money from matched betting – and a giveaway!

Sponsored post. If you’re a regular here, or on almost any money making blog, you’ll have heard about matched betting. I know I’ve written about it lots myself now! I’m someone who has made a large sum of money from matched betting and hold £50,000 in premium bonds, plus extra savings, all from matched betting. I’m really grateful to be able to make money each month, with ease, but if you’re new to matched betting I remember that it can feel quite daunting! I’ve written a post before about the excuses people give me when they talk about why they aren’t matched betting. I get it, getting started, and knowing exactly what to do can feel a little bit daunting! Today I want to share with you two step-by-step guides that are going to help with making money from matched betting. Also, scroll down for a chance to win yourself a matched betting membership!

A step by step guide to making money from matched betting

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Review: Disney Baby Dumbo Activity Plush + giveaway

In our family, there have been a LOT of babies, and there is almost always another one on the way! This means that I buy a lot of baby toys between all these new nieces and nephews and my own daughter being 2-years-old. Today I’ve got one such beautiful toy to show you, the Disney Baby Dumbo Activity Plush from Rainbow Designs.

Disney Baby Dumbo Activity Plush

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Our Bath, Book & Bed routine with BookTrust & a competition

Our little Daisy recently turned 2. This means that I’ve been a Mum for 2 years. For 2 years I’ve been dealing with the bedtime routine, often by myself. The reason for this is that my lovely husband is a shift worker. Thomas works away from home 6am – 6pm or 6pm – 6am. He usually works 3-4 shifts per week, but sometimes more if the needs of the business require it. Because he works near to home he only leaves 30 minutes before, but this means that I do the bedtime routine alone all of those days. Sometimes this is because Thomas is getting ready for work and other times this is because he isn’t home from work yet. Regardless I want to talk to you today about our bedtime routine, how we make it work and share more about the Bath, Book & Bed campaign from BookTrust.

Our bedtime routine

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Perfect partyware from Party Bags and Supplies & a giveaway!

Now that Spring is here it seems that the party season is in full swing! Daisy already has had an invite to her first party, which we are really excited about! Having a child with FPIES can make parties and events a little bit of a fraught occasion but we are going to take our own food for Daisy and have an absolutely fantastic time I’m sure. Today I want to talk to you about perfect partyware from Party Bags and Supplies and give one lucky reader the chance to win a set of partyware for themselves!

Partyware from Party Bags and Supplies

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