My favourite uses for Zoflora

I absolutely love having a clean and tidy home. I feel that being organised, clean, tidy and having a lovely smelling home helps me keep focused, driven and pushes me forward day to day. in my life I’d like to share with you my favourite uses for Zoflora, all safe, and hopefully give you some inspiration to clean your home, for cheap, and get it smelling lovely too in the process!

Zoflora Disinfectant, microfibre cloth, rubber gloves
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Dylon fabric dye – does it work? I answer your questions!

In the past if I had clothes that looked worn I would just throw them in the bin. Eventually. However, I want to waste less money and I hate clothes shopping. 

Since having my c-section I am really struggling with finding trousers that actually fit nicely, without hurting my stomach. I’ve got one pair of jeans that I absolutely love and they are really comfortable.

I’m able to work down the allotment in them and walk long distances without pain. They had seen better days though. Significantly better days. 

For a while I was wearing them faded and wasn’t really bothered. That is until I saw a photo of me wearing them. I knew then that I had to either find more jeans that I enjoy OR I had to give my favourite jeans a dye. I picked up this Dylon fabric dye and set to work.

Dylon fabric dye in use
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Organise your medication with this free pill reminder app! (AD)

I’m a BIG fan of anything that helps me to stay organised. I’m self-employed, a wife, mother and a carer too. This means I’ve got lots of things to remember all of the time and love to use apps, reminders, notifications and my #kickerlist to help me stay organised. It’s really important that I don’t drop the ball when people are relying on me for various reasons. Recently I’ve been testing out a new pill reminder app, from Safe and Sound Health.

Safe and sound pill reminder app with my pillbox
Being organised in all areas of life helps me to stay healthy!
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Top tips for drying clothes in a flat

For around 9 years we lived in a little 1 bedroom flat. With a child too. We originally felt like we had lots of space, and made room for pets as well. We also had space to store all the items for our daughter but finally, when she was 3.5 we were able to move house. Into an actual house! Hence the update to this post that has been popular for a few years now. It worked out well for us, for the most part, living in a flat. There was hardly anything I dislike about living here, besides drying clothes in a flat and my neighbour banging all the time!

Obviously, it is easy enough to use a washing line in your garden, if you have one. It is also easy to use a tumble drier if you have room for one. We personally had room for a tumble dryer but I like to try and cut back on the electric bill where possible.

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Settling into our new home with Addis (AD – gifted)

At the beginning of October 2019 we moved into our first house together. To say it needed work would be an understatement. Every single room had no flooring, needing stripping from top to bottom and even the ceilings were in poor condition. Factor in asbestos tiles, a leaking roof, damaged guttering and broken windows and you’d be right in thinking we’ve been VERY busy. Our new house is a council house, but it takes months for them to carry out repairs. I wish I was exaggerating. This means that we are focusing on our efforts on making the best of the space that we have, with a view to making lots of changes over the coming months. We have been working hard at stripping, sanding, skimming, chaulking, painting and glossing. Today I want to share with you some of the great Addis products that we have been gifted to help make our new house a home.

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