Review: Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron

Ironing… One single word that can emit a huge groan from most people. Whether you are a fan of ironed bedsheets and pants, or just using your iron for the bare minimum (weddings and school photos), it is inevitable that at some point you’re going to need to get the iron out. In our home, my husband does most of the ironing, which I’m really grateful for. Although this is mostly because he wears ironed clothes and I rarely mind if mine are ironed. The good people at AO recently sent me the Morphy Richards Saturn Steam (model number 30500) to review and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron

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Review: Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK

Recently my lovely Mum had open heart surgery, and therefore her old vacuum cleaner was no longer suitable for her. I was looking for something lighter, and more convenient for my Mum to use, to help her keep her home clean and also be easy on her chest while it is healing. As I have heard great things about Shark before I opted to choose her the Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK, which is £149 and you can buy it from AO. I’ve given this vacuum a run for its money, to ensure that it is going to be suitable for my Mum, and I want to share with you my Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK review.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK

Firstly you can use this vacuum as a small handheld, which is fantastic. This is ideal for clearing up crumbs, going along the tops of radiators or window ledges and even cleaning the car (with an extension lead of course!). Although, saying that, the cord on this is a fantastic 10 metres!

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Cleaning my mirrored furniture with the Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve got mirrored furniture. Not our best idea. When we first bought it I wanted it to give our room lots more space, and a lighter and airier feel. This worked out really well and I never regretted our choice. Until we had Daisy of course. Now the mirrored furniture in our bedroom is frequently covered with tiny fingerprints, mysterious splatters and other assorted toddler mess. I do still enjoy having the mirrored furniture, as it is so handy for looking around the room at night, checking on Daisy, making the room feel more spacious and improving the light too. Recently I was sent the Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner to review and I want to let you know my thoughts on it!

Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

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How I’m saving time and money with my Beko washing machine

Household chores are something that I actually find fairly enjoyable. Mostly. I know this is a bit unusual, to find chores enjoyable, but I always feel proud when my home is clean and organised. I regularly run through my 30 day declutter challenge and do what I can to keep our home clutter-free. Having appliances and products that make life easier, quicker or better is what I love. Today I want to talk to you about how I’m saving time with my new Beko washing machine.

Beko WTG941B1

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