Our 2018 Bucket List – Hoping for a fun year again this year!

2016 was a rough year for us, so I decided to work to ensure that 2017 was better. It paid off and we have had a lovely year! We created a 2017 bucket list and it was our first ever bucket list together. Someone sent me a rude message last year, to let me know that the term ‘bucket list’ should only be used by people on their deathbed. I deleted it, as I’ve no time for negativity, or being told what to do and decided to start writing one every year. Anyone of us could die at any time, and life is too short to spend all of your time thinking ‘one day’ to things that you want to do. By creating our 2018 bucket list we are going to have lots of fun activities to look forward to. Anyway, here is a look at our 2018 bucket list!

Our 2018 bucket list - take a look at what we want to enjoy as a family in 2018. Bucket list ideas, holiday ideas, makes and bakes

Our 2018 bucket list

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Our 2017 bucket list – a final look at what we achieved!

Well another year seems to have flown by! Every month I cannot believe another month has passed by and every year I really do feel the same. Life seems to zip by in a myriad of errands! We have had a fantastic year and I’m really happy looking back on our 2017 bucket list. While we have not achieved all of our wishes for 2017 there have been good reasons for some of the failures. Others not so much..! Anyway, here is a final look at our 2017 bucket list!

Our 2017 bucket list - a final look at what we have completed and what we have not completed. Bucket list ideas for families

As you can see from our final look at our 2017 bucket list – we achieved 15/25 items. Not too bad! Especially as this was our first full year as parents and my first year working as a parent too!

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Next weeks meal plan – Share your meal plan 26th October 2017

Meal planning is something that is really important in our home. Having a meal plan allows us to be prepared for activities, save money, avoid buying takeaways and eat well. Also, as our daughter has lots of allergies it allows us to be prepared and ensure that we can all eat together and avoid relying on convenience foods. Which are often more expensive. This week I’m doing something a little different, and sharing my meal plan for next week with you.

Next weeks meal plan - Share your meal plan 26th October 2017


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Have a digital declutter – make your online life lighter with these 11 tips

Feeling overwhelmed looking at your email inbox? Getting 100s of spam emails every day? Sick of seeing people you don’t even like on Facebook? Now is the time for a digital declutter! Get yourself organised, feel better mentally and make your online life lighter! I’m going to share with you today the ways that you can organise your online life and feel better in the process too.

Digital declutter

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30 day declutter challenge

This month I’m doing something a little different for my readers… a declutter challenge! Fancy joining me? There is no fee to join in and I’ve even got a Facebook group to help with organisation and decluttering. Please do feel free to join as I’d love to chat with you more there! Also, if you’re a blogger you can share your cleaning, organisation and decluttering posts with others! Anyway, on to the declutter challenge! Eek!

30 day declutter challenge with Katykicker.

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