Has the Internet Forever Doomed the Silver Screen? (AD)

AD. Many of us can recall heading off to the cinema with our parents.  The anticipation, the experience of purchasing a tub of popcorn and the thrill of previews have provided us with indelible memories and these can never be replaced by any other form of digital media.  Still, generations are changing.  Not only have the movies become incredibly expensive, but many consumers are opting for the conveniences associated with streaming online platforms such as Netflix.  This has led some to wonder if the day will ever come when we see the demise of the traditional theatre.  Indeed, many venues have closed over the past 20 years and such a trend might continue.  However, will we witness the demise of the silver screen as a whole in favour of online alternatives?  Let’s first take a look at why the online film community has grown so fast before moving on to discuss the power of the physical cinema.

The Rise of Streaming Films

The concept of streaming films has existed for some time and it is ironic to note that some of the major industry players failed to realise its importance.  On perfect example can be seen in the fall of Blockbuster rentals.  Beginning in the early 21st century, the needs of consumers were changing.  The notion of online movie rentals seemed slight far fetched and yet, it was already on the horizon.  The main pitfall was that streaming speeds were measured in kilobytes as opposed to megabytes.  As a result, downloading or live streaming was difficult at best.  This all changed with the introduction of broadband Internet serves and later, through fibre optic connectivity.  It was now possible to watch high-definition films from the comfort of one’s own home.

As a result, many players became involved in the industry.  While larger organisations such as Netflix had already carved out their niche markets, even smaller websites tried to cash in on profits by introducing portals which would provide instantaneous rentals to customers from around the world.  This type of enterprise ecommerce platform was certainly advanced in terms of architecture, but will it ever replace the theatre itself?

Here to Stay (if not Slightly Muted)

The fact of the matter is that the physical cinema will always hold an appeal to viewers; regardless of the generation.  While it is now possible to rent a 4K HD movie with the click of a button, the experiences associated with heading out to the movies can never be replaced.  This is particularly the case with families and couples.  The main stumbling block involves the prices associated with the tickets (not to mention the cost of concessions).  This is why theatres which want to compete against the online community will nee to adapt their pricing structures accordingly.  Still, there is no doubt that the cinema is here to stay in one form or another.  However, it is just as important to recognise the role of streaming Internet services. 

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Using disinfectant around my home (AD)

AD. I first started using disinfectant around my home when I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2015. So many people seem to be using Zoflora now, partly because of a number of influencers who recommend it in their Instastories and on their feeds. I love that Zoflora is increasing in popularity as they bring out lots of lovely scents regularly and I can go on a hunt in the supermarket to find my favourites. Also, I love that disinfectant is really reasonably priced, compared to other branded cleaning products. A little goes a long way and today I want to talk to you about the ways that I use disinfectant around my home.

Staying healthy is important to me and I have found that antibacterial sprays and disinfectants are great at helping with this. I make sure not to overuse them but if I have an area of my home that needs to be free of germs, such as the bathroom or kitchen sink, then I find disinfectant fantastic for this.

Using disinfectant around my home

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The one change I’m making to my finances for #Planuary (AD)

Advertorial post with Aviva. As a woman, I never used to think much about how my gender can have an effect on my finances. By speaking to other women I know, and reading feminist blogs like Nomipalony, I have taken control of our family finances. In the last few years I have become more aware of the ways that the gender divide can have an impact on a woman’s savings and even her pension. Aviva recently got in touch with me about #Planuary, a new campaign that is designed to get women to pledge one change to their finances in January to try to close the gap that women see in multiple areas of their finances including savings and pensions. Today I’m making a pledge and sharing with you the one change I’m making to my finances for #Planuary.

A photo of me this #Planuary

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How to prepare a budget

For me, a pound saved is the same as a pound earned. Really, as a UK taxpayer, I need to earn more than £1 to actually have a pound! This is why I plan for family finances, track our spending and do what I can to save money. Today I want to share with you how to prepare a budget. This is quite an important part of our family life as while I don’t budget every single penny of our spending this helps us hugely. When our car went for its MOT I knew that we had money saved. If our cat has to take a trip to the vet for an emergency I know we’ve got money saved towards this.

How to prepare a budget

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50 ways to save money – 50 moneysaving tips

Now is a great time of year to work on your finances. With payday in sight, so many people are thinking about ways that they can make money go further. I’m a HUGE fan of making extra money, rather than being skint, but I also love moneysaving tips too. Personally I feel that saving money is almost as important as making money. I often find that it takes less time to earn more money than it does to put moneysaving tips into action, however, DO BOTH! I do and it has been working out fantastically for me in recent years! Here are my 50 moneysaving tips – all designed to help you maximise your moneysaving and make things last longer.

50 moneysaving tips

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