The ONLY Black Friday sale that will MAKE you money! (AD)

AD. Everyone is talking about Black Friday right?! Of course they are! A lot of people love that feeling of ‘saving money’ and getting an amazing bargain. Sometimes these things aren’t all that they are cracked up to be! I’ve got something great to share with you today… The ONLY Black Friday sale that will MAKE you money!

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Manage your money with Emma (AD)

Do you want to get better at managing your finances? If like most people, you are busy day-to-day, and want to make life easier, then I’ve got just the app for you! Emma! Emma is a UK-based money management app that is free to download and has a variety of fantastic features to help you keep track of your money, budget and plug those little leaks in your finances.

Emma app

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Esso Nectar is here to help you earn on the things you need, to spend on the things you want! (AD)

AD. At the beginning of October we finally moved house. It was many months in the making, as you’ll know if you’re a long-time follower. Moving to our first house, and giving our flat back, has been such a busy and emotive time. Seeing Daisy playing in our own garden, and being able to have more space has been so good for our family. With the festive period rapidly approaching it is fair to say that life is VERY busy.

Recently we have been making a few small changes to our routines, to help manage our finances and keep the normal day-to-day activities of life running successfully amidst the decorating, organising and unpacking. Today I want to share with you how we are saving time on the top-up shop with Esso, and taking full advantage of the Esso Nectar loyalty programme too.

Saving time on the top-up shop with Esso

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How to make money while you’re on holiday (AD)

We’ve got a holiday coming up in a few weeks and I cannot wait! I’m so excited for a nice break with my family. I’m looking forward to cold forest walks, sitting in the sauna at night and just being able to relax with a nice glass of wine. It has been a busy few months for sure! Today I want to share with you ways that you can make money while you’re on holiday. This is going to be marketed more towards when you holiday in the UK specifically because that is what I love to do! 

How to make money while you're on holiday

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20 Cogs – Make money completing tasks & paid offers (AD)

AD. I’ve been making money online for absolutely years now. I’m not even sure I could tell you quite how long. Over that time I have tried all manner of ways to make money, many of which I’ve stuck to in one capacity or another. I’ve used lots of great websites to make money from paid surveys, market research, focus groups, inputting data, creating content, completing paid offers and much more. Having a diverse income online is really important to me and so I am always looking for ways to increase my income, and have a little extra money for my savings challenges. Today I want to share a website with you that I hope will help you boost your income a little – *20 Cogs!

20 Cogs - Make money completing tasks & paid offers

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