I want to buy a car with survey earnings!

Yes, this is going to sound mad perhaps but I want to buy a car with survey earnings! The last couple of years have been fantastic for me, from a financial point of view. I’m always a fan of fitting in a little bit of everything but some of my survey websites have slid a little. I haven’t found as much time as I could have, even for the best paying surveys. In the last month I have returned to dedicating just 1-2 hours a week to the decent surveys. Also the odd 5 or 10 minutes on my mobile, while my daughter sleeps on me as well. Anyway – I’ve said it now – I want to buy a car with survey earnings!

Buying a car with survey earnings

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Simply Swim review – Costumes for the whole family

Our family is fortunate in that we get to enjoy lots of nice holidays together. This year we will go on no less than 5 holidays. This is lovely for us, particularly as we don’t have to pay for all of them! By sharing the cost with family and friends we are able to enjoy wonderful holidays to Centerparcs, and other nice places, without breaking the bank. As new parents this is fantastic for us and really helps out the family coffers. As well as enjoying holidays my daughter and I attend Waterbabies swimming lessons each week too. Daisy is growing like a weed, on the 98th centile, and this means that we need new swimming clothes regularly. Recently we were offered the chance to get some lovely swimwear from Simply Swim.

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Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week – 17th February

I love a bit of money saving. This fab linkie is a great way to keep myself motivated each week. Throughout the week I find myself thinking of ways that I can save some money. If you’re a blogger then why not join up? Here are my Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week – 17th February.

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I've Done This Week - 17th February

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7 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment and Hobbies

Many of us waste money on our hobbies and entertainment. Whilst it’s important to be able to do some things that you enjoy in order to live a happy life, wasting money on hobbies and entertainment before paying essential bills or putting away savings can lead to poor finances and high stress levels. We’ve put together some handy tips and hints for anybody who wants to be more frugal when it comes to entertainment and hobbies.

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The Money Shed Moneymaking bootcamp recap

I’m a fan of money – isn’t everyone?! Anyway, over the last 4 years I have found a variety of different ways to make money online. For me diversity is key. I like to know that if one of my revenue streams disappears that I will have lots more. Some people focus solely on passive income, which is great, but I’m someone who also enjoys working to make money. During the month of January I ran a moneymaking bootcamp over on The Money Shed. The Money Shed is a UK based forum that has a great community feel about it. Everyone there wants to make money and save money too. There is a great group of people that want to help one another, share websites, post some referral links and generally just help one another.

TMS Moneymaking Bootcamp

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