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Money Making

This is the category for sharing my favourite ways to make money. I love to make money in a variety of ways. These include paid surveys, paid market research, matched betting and much more. I’m always looking for new ways to make some money and share that with my readers.

A hand holding an iPhone that is locked and text overlay that says get a Roamler invite code start making money!


Over the last year, in particular, I have started to use a wide variety of different mobile apps. These allow me to earn money in a number of different ways. Variety is definitely the spice of life and I like lots of small revenue streams throughout the year. This means that if a company disappears, …

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YouGov are one of the most well known UK survey companies. Their surveys regularly feature in a variety of newspapers and on topical panel shows on the TV also. I quick like knowing that I’ve taken part in these surveys as often they help to shape policies and political changes, which is great. I wouldn’t …

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I love using lots of little ways to make and save money. I really feel that over the year these small amounts add up – as I learned when I wanted to buy a car from survey earnings! OnePulse is a paid survey app, that I use on my iPhone, and I’ve been using it …

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