Great gifts for the foodie in your life (AD – Gifted)

The items within this gift guide were gifted to us in exchange for coverage. I’m really fortunate to be surrounded by foodies. I like to think I’m something of a foodie myself, as I’m always trying new dishes, adding to my repertoire and visiting my favourite food blogs to pick up inspiration. Today I’ve got a selection of great gifts for the foodie in your life! The items within this gift guide have been gifted to me for inclusion in this post.

Great gifts for the foodie in your life - Thermapen White

First up is the SuperFast Thermapen 4, which retails for £64.80 from the Thermapen website. The Thermapen is suitable for a wide range of cooking methods, gives 3-second temperature readings and helps ensure that food is cooked to perfection every time.

The Thermapen is so straightforward to use. I love how straight-forward it makes BBQ cooking and when I’m using my slow cooker I’m able to ensure that my slow cooker roast chicken is cooked fully before serving.

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Earn cashback on groceries with these top shopping apps

Like saving money? Like food? Course you do! Today I want to talk to you about how you earn cashback on groceries with the top shopping apps I’m about to share with you. ALL of these shopping apps are free to download and use, and will give you reimbursements when you buy products. Helping you save money on supermarket shopping! Today I’m going to share my top shopping apps as well as my favourite ways to maximise your returns from these apps. I love to save money on food shopping.

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Living Arrows 29/53 – Daisy and Mummy day

Life has been so hectic recently! I’ve spent lots of time running from place to place, heading into London and generally just being really, really busy. This weekend just passed I decided to live at a bit of a slower pace, for self preservation if nothing else. I didn’t take a lot of photographs, I didn’t do much work and we just generally took it easy. I got a little cleaning done, and some organising, and Daisy and I spent lots of time together. This weeks Living Arrows post is live, Living Arrows 29/53.

Living Arrows 29/53

Daisy and I were having a cuddle on the sofa together when I decided that I wanted to take a photograph of her. It’s not perfect, but it is us, together, on the sofa, relaxing. I know I’ll want to look back at this moment and remember how happy we were. It was a great relaxing day, playing lots of toys, and Daisy was in a wonderful mood for most of the day too. It was really lovely, and I felt so relaxed at the time of this photograph.

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Playing pretend with the Casdon Little Helpers toys range (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted these items in exchange for coverage. Roleplay is an important part of childhood. It teaches our children about jobs that are a part of everyday life, such as cooking and cleaning, and it also allows them to have fun practicing things that they can see Mum and Dad doing around the home. For me, it is important that my daughter learns that housework, and chores, are shared by men and women. We are a modern household, with an unusual work dynamic, and as such as both have times where we do all of the chores, and times where we do none of them. Daisy has been playing with a range of Casdon products and loves them, and now we’ve got some new toys from the Little Helpers toys range to show you.

Casdon Little Henry Mop & Bucket

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