Living Arrows 47/52 – A holiday for us

We have been on holiday for the last week. We have had the most wonderful time. Our week was taken up with lots of relaxing, swimming, soaking in the hot tub at our lodge in Centerparcs and family time. Daisy got to visit Father Christmas in Santa’s Grotto and she loved it (mostly). We ate out, had good food, enjoyed lots of time together and it was just the loveliest week. I can’t wait to do it again already! This weeks living arrows 47/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 47/52

This is Daisy on the lead up to Santa’s Grotto where she saw Father Christmas. There were lots of fantastic little houses to see, with decorations. There was also fake snow – which Daisy LOVED! She kept telling me ‘snow Mummy!’ which was adorable!

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Living Arrows 46/52 – A look at our week

Last week was another fantastic one. Hooray! We’ve finally got to the bottom of what has been causing Daisy to vomit pretty much every single night. Her multi-vitamin. I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous. It turns out there is a product that is sometimes derived from dairy products, and it would seem that this time it was, and it has been making Daisy really unwell. I’m quite cross about the whole situation but really relieved that we have got to the bottom of why she has been vomiting so much. That is the main thing and hopefully means we can enjoy our holiday now – which we will be on already when you read this! This weeks living arrows 46/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 46/52 - Daisy playing on a toy at the shopping centre

Daisy used to LOVE this train but now she’s really gone off of it – as you can possibly tell from her face!

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Staying in hospital with Daisy at 18 months old

Recently our lovely daughter Daisy had to spend some time in hospital. When we arrived in A&E initially we thought that she may be suffering because of her FPIES. It later turned out that she had a problem with her stomach X-Ray and we had to stay in hospital while she was rehydrated and to ensure that she got better. This was obviously a bit of an upsetting time but I want to share our experience in the hope that it may help someone else in the future if they find themselves in the same position.

When we first arrived at A&E we were told, within an hour, that Daisy was going to be staying in hospital. I was upset about this, as it meant that she definitely was poorly and something had flagged up in her bloods or on her X-ray. However, it later turned out she wasn’t seriously ill, which was such a relief!

Daisy Staying in hospital

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Living Arrows 45/52 – A look at our week

What a week – a good one! We have had Halloween, Fireworks Night and LOTS of family time. Thomas has been working nights so we have been able to spend lots of time together in the afternoons. It is really nice to have Thomas around to help out a little with the daytime parenting too. I love that we get to eat dinner together every afternoon before Thomas goes to work and he is there to see Daisy go off to bed. This weeks living arrows 45/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 45/52

I know this is a poor quality picture but my girl looks SO happy. Daisy has been quite moany for the last two weeks. I took this photograph last week, on Monday, when we went to Van Hages to see the Christmas displays. Daisy absolutely loved running in and out of all the play houses and sheds and she must have said ‘house’ at least 100 times. At least. 

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Living Arrows 44/52 – A look at our week

Regular readers will know that last week was a poor one for us. Daisy was in hospital and there were other things going on too. This week has been MILES better. Hooray! We’ve had a pretty good week, besides Daisy being grumpy most of the week. We have spent several days together as a family which has been fantastic and we have just finished a lovely week together. This weeks living arrows 44/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 44/52

Last week we got out and about a lot more. We took Daisy to the park and she absolutely loved it. It was so nice for her to be able to run and burn off some steam. She had a great time seeing her Uncle Richard too – who always makes her laugh!

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