Living Arrows 8/53 – Daisy and Daddy week

Well this is a bit late in the day, isn’t it! Monday is almost over and I am only just getting around to posting my Living Arrows post for the week. Usually, I schedule my posts in advance and feel all motivated and happy when I start the week. Today I started the week exhausted, so I just spent the whole day playing with Daisy, relaxing at home and playing games. It was lush! Just the tonic that I needed after the busy week last week. My Mum had her open heart surgery and has made it out of ICU already. I’m so pleased and look forward to her getting home so that she can get back on her feet. As I was at the hospital Thursday, Friday and Sunday Thomas spent most of his week off work looking after Daisy. This week’s photograph was taken by him during their time together. Anyway, here is our Living Arrows 8/53 post – Daisy and Daddy spent the week together! 

Living Arrows 8/53 - Daisy eating lunch

Daisy has really enjoyed spending time with her Daddy this week. They have been out to play, had lazy days together and been visiting Grandma’s house twice a day to keep her pets fed and cared for. Daisy loves Grandma’s house anyway, but even more so when she gets to play with her Teletubbies Russian dolls!

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Living Arrows 7/53 – Daisy and Grandma!

Happy Monday! The week is finally here – the week that my Mum has open heart surgery. Valentine’s Day to be exact. Only my Mum could be getting her heart fixed on Valentine’s Day! We’ve got our fingers crossed that the next few days go well and my Mum comes through the other side stronger, fitter and with a long life ahead of her. Now that a new week is here I’m looking back on last week and reminiscing already! We managed to fit in lots of time seeing my Mum, going to bingo and what not, and Daisy had a day out with Grandma on Saturday. I took this photo of Grandma and Daisy at the bottom of the stairs in my building and as you can see they are wrapped up against the elements! Here is our Living Arrows 7/53 post – Daisy and Grandma enjoying a day out together! 

Living Arrows 7/53 - Daisy and Grandma together

Daisy was in a REALLY grumpy mood from the moment she woke up on Saturday. Then I told her that she would be going out with Grandma and she definitely understood! Daisy was jumping around and asking me to put her coat on, despite it being two more hours until Grandma was coming to collect her. Daisy is wearing a staff that my Mum knitted for her – it’s so warm and colourful!

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Living Arrows 6/53 – Daisy and Daddy!

Happy Monday! Last week flew by, mostly because Daisy was out Monday – Friday either with relatives, at nursery or because we had plans already. This meant that I’ve got ahead with work and I am feeling pretty confident for the weeks ahead now. My Mum is having her open heart surgery NEXT WEEK on Wednesday and so I need to spend this next week writing what content I can, and staying ahead. Anyway, here is our Living Arrows 6/53 post.

Living Arrows 6/53

On Saturday Daddy had the whole weekend off so we decided to go to Sainsburys for some supplies. Daisy was happy to walk most of the way there, and was asleep in the pram on the way home.

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Living Arrows 50/52 – A snow day!

What a week! It went by so fast and yet so slow at the same time. Daisy and I are suffering from a cold at the moment, as it is that time of year. I’ve gone deaf in one ear, not fun, but according to the Doctor, they can’t see anything wrong… How helpful! Anyway, we’ve had our usual routine for most of the past week – until Sunday! On Sunday we had a lovely amount of snow, which is thankfully clearing away now. Daisy, Daddy and I had great fun together playing in the snow! This week’s Living Arrows 50/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 50/52

As you can see Daisy is loving being out in the snow, although her outfit is miles too big! We are at that stage where 18-24 month clothing is too small but 2-3 year clothing is HUGE! Oh well, nothing wrong with a bit of money saving and she’ll grow into it I’m sure!

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