Enjoying an alternative weekend away with children

Having a weekend away with children might be a phrase that fills you with a little bit of dread. Once you have children it feels like there are at least 150 items that are essentials. This continues on regardless of the age of your child and as they get older they have their own opinions on what the essentials are too. One way that you can cut down on the amount of stress a holiday brings is by enjoying a weekend away. If you book a weekend that is tailored to the needs of your children then they can be kept occupied and you can have a relaxing break away from home at the same time. I’m a real fan of a break at Centerparcs so these are a few suggestions for your next weekend away with children.

Weekend away with children
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Living Arrows 28/53 – Daisy on a ride

On the weekend we headed down to see my brother. We arrived late Friday night, and only had 1.5 days together, but we decided to make the most of them. On our first day together, Saturday, we decided to head down to Clacton Pier together and we let Daisy go on her first EVER ride by herself – scary! This weeks Living Arrows post is live, Living Arrows 28/53.

Living Arrows 28/53 - Daisy playing on a swing

Daisy went on a little swing ride. It was really fast, and she absolutely loved it. Watching her climb in, and get strapped in, I just couldn’t believe how grown up she suddenly looked. Then the ride started up and she had so much fun. I felt so privileged that we’ve already had almost 2.5 years together, and she’s so confident and social. Watching her whizz around, laughing, singing and having an amazing time trying to catch her cousin Eddie’s attention was absolutely adorable.

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Living Arrows 31/53 – A week of visiting relatives

Happy Monday! I’m so glad that Monday is here – mostly because Thomas and I are about to head off to a hotel for two nights. Woohoo! I’ve been really poorly the last week, with a virus, and to be honest I’m still not feeling grand. Still, us parents soldier on, the best we can hey! The last week has passed by in a flash, as I’ve spent a lot of time in bed sleeping or resting. Thankfully my in-laws and my Mum have taken Daisy some of the time for me to help me get as much rest as possible. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 31/53, is now live.

Living Arrows 31/53

This may be the ONLY photograph that I took of Daisy this week that is suitable for use online. She wasn’t at home much, and when she was she kept taking her nappy off!

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Living Arrows 30/53 – Daisy visited the dietician

I’m so glad that Monday is here. I really need a fresh week. Last week was a rubbish one, with someone I know online passing away, and me just feeling really low for the bulk of the week. I spent the evening last night reminding myself of all the great things in my life, and what I want to achieve. I’ve got organised for the week ahead and I’m feeling much better in myself now. I’m looking forward to seeing what the week has in store for me. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 30/53, is now live.

Living Arrows 30/53 - Daisy at the dietician

First up Daisy had a visit to the dietician this week. It wasn’t strictly needed, but came about due to a mix up, and someone on the reception just not understanding what I was trying to say. We didn’t need an appointment for a few months as we had just seen a dietician at another hospital. Anyway – we went, and it was great. Daisy was bored though so she got to play out in the play area with Thomas while I took the bulk of the appointment alone.

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Starting our potty training journey with the Summer Infant My Size Potty

Daisy turned 2 back in March 2018. For a while we weren’t worried about potty training, as Daisy didn’t seem ready, however, she is beginning to show the normal signs of being ready for potty training. We’re not going to be running in and forcing Daisy before she is ready, but we are wanting to support her in getting used to what potty training entails. Summer Infant has sent us the My Size Potty, to help Daisy on her potty training journey, and here are our thoughts on it.

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