Living Arrows 27/52 – Spending lots of time together

Daisy has been settling back into her routine with Nursery, and seeing her Grandma who is in a ‘social bubble’ with us. It’s been going well, and I’ve really enjoyed the time to get to work, do some DIY around my home and just generally feel like I’m getting back on track. Daisy has been struggling with this a little, so we’ve made a BIG effort to really enjoy our free time together. Living Arrows 27/52 is now live!

Daisy playing with the horses near our house
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Stay safe on the railways with Thomas and Network Rail (AD)

Living in Essex we are super lucky to have lots of great places we can visit on the train. Often, with the price of parking, and the congestion charge, it is cheaper for us to travel by train, especially into London. Recently I’ve been discussing how to stay safe on the railways with Daisy, with the help of a new FREE e-book from Network Rail and Thomas & Friends.

Daisy inside a blue painted cardboard train with a door and handle
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Living Arrows 26/52 – Daisy is gaining a routine back

Good morning, happy Monday! Finally it feels like we’re getting a little bit of routine back to our life. By that I mean Daisy is back to Nursery, and really enjoying herself. We’ve been spending more time together when she is home, home is sparkling clean and I feel like I’m getting back on track with my workload too – finally. It has been a long few months, and I really sympathise with those people who are still in the midst of doing all of the childcare for their children, and finding it hard to balance everything. Anyway, Living Arrows 26/52 is now live!

Daisy relaxing at home in a pink jumper that says hooray for the day!
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Living Arrows 25/52 – First sleepover in months!

Hello, Happy Monday. I hope you have had a nice weekend! We’ve had a family weekend which has been lovely. Also, this week has been the week of childcare starting to be semi back to normal! As in Daisy is at Nursery 2 afternoons and 1 full day, and also Daisy asked to head to Grandma’s house for a sleepover for the first time in around 4 months. It was SO nice to see Daisy & Grandma having time together, playing in the hot tub, digging in the garden and playing with all of the new toys that my Mum has bought online since being in lockdown!

Daisy and Daddy posing for a photograph after leaving Grandma's house
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Living Arrows 24/52 – Here comes the art trolley!

Good morning. Happy Monday. I’m hoping for a great productive, happy week with my family this week. We’re starting to see the odd relative, at a social distance of course, which I’m sure will be filling up Daisy’s cup so much as she has missed everyone so much. Living Arrows 24/52 is now live – I missed a week last week as I took some time away from social media!

Daisy pushing her black trolley loaded with play doh, colouring pictures, pens, jars and pom poms!
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