Living Arrows 16/53 – Daisy’s first nursery photographs

Happy Monday – today is the start of two full weeks off work for my husband. He is actually only working 1 shift in the next 3.5 weeks, which is just amazing. I’m so happy that Thomas and Daisy will get so much time together, also we have lots of lovely things going on today. Although today we are starting with a visit to the specialists at a hospital in London for Daisy’s allergies. I’m hopeful that our appointment is going to lead to good things for Daisy, although I’ve been told that the first appointment takes a few hours and it’s just going over the types of things we’ve done at our local hospital – so we will see! Anyway, this weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 16/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 16/53 - Daisy modelling her new clothes

This week Daisy was modelling some clothes for an Instagram collaboration. She looked absolutely adorable! I know this one is blurry but it just captures my little Daisy so well. Here she is trying to unlock the front door to show Daddy her new clothes!

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Living Arrows 15/53 – A trip away to Southampton

Happy Monday! My favourite day of the week – especially when my husband has two days off now like he does this week AND then from Friday night he’s off for 2.5 weeks!! We have NO plans for the next two days so we’ll just be spending time together, probably visit the park and just be taking it easy together. Anyway, let’s have a little look back at the last week and see what we’ve been up to! This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 15/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 15/53 - Daisy playing at Peppa Pig World

Here she is – our little love playing at Peppa Pig World. Daisy had the most amazing day, as did we, and I’ll have a post coming tomorrow talking about why we were there! We let Daisy throw herself into the muddy puddle walk, as we had a change of clothes, and she absolutely loved it! As you can see!

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Living Arrows 14/53 – A family weekend

Happy Monday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend. We spent Easter Sunday visiting my Mum and then we enjoyed a nice family meal, which was lovely. Daisy has been in a pretty good mood, for most of the week. We went to Daisy’s first Birthday party, which was good, although we left before the food came out so that we didn’t have to worry about Daisy becoming unwell due to her FPIES. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 14/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 14/53

We were headed over to my Mum’s house yesterday and as we got out of the car Daisy told Daddy that there was a tree. Daisy indicated that she wanted to climb it. This is so cute and fortunately for Daisy her Daddy is 6 foot 2 inches so was able to stretch her up to enjoy the tree. This was a fleeting moment but it was lovely and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photographs to remember it forever.

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Living Arrows 13/53 – Daisy turned 2!

Happy Monday – one of my favourite days of the week! We’ve got quite a relaxing week ahead and I’m looking forward to the Easter Weekend, as Thomas has Saturday and Sunday off work. We are going to enjoy a dairy free Easter egg with Daisy and a nice family dinner too. I can hardly wait now! Last week Daisy turned 2 and we had a wonderful day. We visited lots of family, ate good food and Daisy received so many presents we’ve still got new toys to unpack! This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 13/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 13/53 - The Stevens Family

We had a lovely time visiting family for Daisy’s Birthday. Daisy received lovely presents, and some money to boost her savings account too. It was a great laugh and I’m already looking forward to the next time we all meet up!

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Living Arrows 12/53 – A family holiday

Happy Monday! Sorry that I was absent last week. We went away on holiday and I was really busy the weekend before. This meant that I skipped a week, Living Arrows 11/53. However, we are back on track this week and looking forward to a busy week ahead – including Daisy’s 2nd Birthday! Last week we went on holiday and for this weeks post, Living Arrows 12/53, I’m sharing a few of those photographs with you!

Living Arrows 12/53 - Daisy enjoying soft play with Daddy

We started our holiday with a trip to soft play. It was great fun! I was able to join Daisy in the soft play for a little while too, as I wasn’t achy, and I realised just how fast on her feet she is becoming!

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