Living Arrows 45/53 – a fireworks display

Another week has gone by – one week until we go away! I can’t wait now! Really looking forward to having a break from work and spending lots of time with some of my favourite people. This weeks Living Arrows 45/53 post is now live – Daisy went to see a firework display!

Living Arrows 45/53

This is definitely not the best quality image ever, I know, but it was dark and we were rushing to get a good spot for the fireworks display. It worked out and we could actually see the bonfire from where we were too, just about. Daisy was a little bored waiting for the fireworks and wanted to go home just after they started (typical) but we had a nice time anyway!

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Living Arrows 43/53 – day to day life

Another week has run on by! This means there are only 3 weeks until we go on holiday. Eek! I’ve got a lot of plans in the next few weeks but can’t wait for us to have a family break. The week has zipped by, and has been a good one, despite us all starting to battle colds at the end of the weekend! We went for a family meal, I got lots of work done and it’s been a great week overall. This weeks Living Arrows 43/53 post is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 43/53 - Daisy in the supermarket

We started our week by having a day at home and then heading on out to run some errands. I took Daisy to the supermarket and the chemist inside. She wanted to stand in the trolley bag so I thought it would be funny to let her. I try to be relaxed, and let Daisy use her imagination. This offended someone in the supermarket who made a rude comment to her husband, but it’s ok as I told her to zip her lip! (Not the lady in the picture!)

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Living Arrows 42/53 – playing with toys

The last week has flown by! We’ve had lots of days relaxing together at home, after unexpected childcare changes, and we’ve made the most of it. Daisy has loved being able to play lots of toys (including lots of new ones). This does mean I’ve got a little behind on work! I’m looking forward to 3 days this week to cram lots of work in. Then the rest of the time playing toys and relaxing together. While at home one-day last week I was playing blocks with Daisy, and we were building towers, which is one of her favourite activities! This weeks photo is taken from that activity. My Living Arrows 42/53 post is now live. Albeit a little late! 

Living Arrows 42/53 - Daisy makes a tower

Here she is with one of her towers! She built this herself and was really pleased. She’s actually mixed together Duplo and Megabloks. Why not hey?! I love seeing Daisy building structures, learning and having fun. Also, the Duplo set that these blocks are from have cogs too. It is great to see her learning how to use those. It’s so lovely to watch your child learn and develop. I feel really grateful that I get to be home with her most days.

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Living Arrows 41/53 – a trip to London

This week has been a busy but productive one, with a touch of fun thrown in! I haven’t had a lot of time to work, so have had to spin all the plates this week. Despite this we found time to head in to London on Saturday morning, before Thomas went to work, to visit Little Tikes for an event. We were able to check out their new range of Stem Junior toys and Daisy got a nice gift to take home as well. It was great fun, and the event was loud, chaotic but fun too! Daisy certainly seemed to enjoy herself. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 41/53, is now live.

Living Arrows 41/53 - Daisy playing in the leaves

Here you can see Daisy posing amongst some leaves. We were walking to the train station, and Daisy was holding my hand, when suddenly she spotted all the leaves. I asked her if she wanted to run and play in there and she said yes! We had just missed our train, so had lots of time to spare, and we just stopped and spent time together running and having fun. It was a lovely 5-10 minutes and I was so happy Daisy stopped to pose for a photograph!

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Living Arrows 40/53 – a family weekend

Well, that was a wonderful weekend! Thomas wasn’t working so we had lots of time together. We spent time relaxing at home, playing games, toys and enjoying good food. I made us a roast dinner (chicken!), baked oat biscuits and even made pancakes from scratch for Daisy. We spent our whole weekend relaxing and it was absolutely fantastic. It made a really nice change and I even got a little bit of work done in the evening when Daisy slept through. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 40/53, is now live.

Living Arrows 40/53 - Daisy playing in the shopping centre

We visited our local shopping centre on Friday and Daisy was thrilled to see they had new toys. They’ve replaced the Iggle Piggle toy, and other similar ones, with Bing, a pink car, this super cool ride and a recycling truck. Daisy was really excited, as she has started to enjoy these toys again! I know they are a bit of a waste of money, to most people, but Daisy loves them and I don’t mind £1 every week or two.

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