Living Arrows 7/53 – Daisy and Grandma!

Happy Monday! The week is finally here – the week that my Mum has open heart surgery. Valentine’s Day to be exact. Only my Mum could be getting her heart fixed on Valentine’s Day! We’ve got our fingers crossed that the next few days go well and my Mum comes through the other side stronger, fitter and with a long life ahead of her. Now that a new week is here I’m looking back on last week and reminiscing already! We managed to fit in lots of time seeing my Mum, going to bingo and what not, and Daisy had a day out with Grandma on Saturday. I took this photo of Grandma and Daisy at the bottom of the stairs in my building and as you can see they are wrapped up against the elements! Here is our Living Arrows 7/53 post – Daisy and Grandma enjoying a day out together! 

Living Arrows 7/53 - Daisy and Grandma together

Daisy was in a REALLY grumpy mood from the moment she woke up on Saturday. Then I told her that she would be going out with Grandma and she definitely understood! Daisy was jumping around and asking me to put her coat on, despite it being two more hours until Grandma was coming to collect her. Daisy is wearing a staff that my Mum knitted for her – it’s so warm and colourful!

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Living Arrows 6/53 – Daisy and Daddy!

Happy Monday! Last week flew by, mostly because Daisy was out Monday – Friday either with relatives, at nursery or because we had plans already. This meant that I’ve got ahead with work and I am feeling pretty confident for the weeks ahead now. My Mum is having her open heart surgery NEXT WEEK on Wednesday and so I need to spend this next week writing what content I can, and staying ahead. Anyway, here is our Living Arrows 6/53 post.

Living Arrows 6/53

On Saturday Daddy had the whole weekend off so we decided to go to Sainsburys for some supplies. Daisy was happy to walk most of the way there, and was asleep in the pram on the way home.

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Living Arrows 5/53 – Daisy moves into a real bed!

Happy Monday! Another week rolls by and I’m back again to share what Daisy has been up to. I really enjoy sharing a little snapshot of our week each week. Being able to look back, and see what Daisy was doing this time last year, is a fantastic gift and something that I really enjoy. Monday is here again so here is our Living Arrows 5/53 post.

Living Arrows 5/53

Here she is – Daisy in her very own bed!


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Living Arrows 4/53 – Daisy had a fantastic week

Happy Monday! I’m running late for this post again. Whoops! Anyway, the past week was fantastic. There was one incident where nursery suspected Daisy had eaten something that came in to contact with chicken, however, she was fine and wasn’t ill, so that was brilliant. Besides that, we have had a great week. Daisy has been happy, playful, learning lots and has generally been a joy for the bulk of the week. I can tell that she is feeling better in herself and this is lovely! Here is our Living Arrows 4/53 post.

Living Arrows 4/53

Sorry that this photograph isn’t great quality… Not that I’ve ever been known for my photography skills..!

Our coffee table is ruined and I refuse to replace it until we move later in the year – as I’m tight! Daisy is relaxing in her dressing gown and PJs and is having great fun with a tea set that she got for Christmas.

We had a couple of days this week where we did nothing at all. Then Daisy went to Nursery twice (Tuesday & Friday) and saw her Grandparents Thursday and Grandma one day too. It has been a great week for getting work done, and chores and I loved that we could spend our days together relaxing and didn’t have to have the pressure of lots of work or chores too.

In the weeks when we get lots of time together and go out lots, I always feel like I am winning at life. I’m so grateful to my job for allowing me to be home for Daisy every day and be able to walk her to the nursery and arrange nice fun activities. I feel like the balancing act of my work, home life, family time and me-time is pretty good at the moment!

If you enjoyed this Living Arrows post you may enjoy looking back at my first full year of Living Arrows.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows 3/53 (2018) – Daisy was under the weather

Happy Monday! I’m running a bit late today so apologies for that! Last week, on Monday night, Daisy became unwell. For 4 whole days and nights she was vomiting really frequently. Initially we thought that it was a bug, then it became clear that she was reacting to coconut. We’ve had issues with coconut in the past but now it seems like she cannot have coconut at all. This is a real shame as it means there are almost no yoghurts, and ice creams and similar things that she can have now. Also, for poor Daisy it means that even now, a week later, and 3 days after we elimininated the coconut she is still struggling. Anyway, another week has passed by and my Living Arrows 3/53 post is now live!

Living Arrows 3/53 - Daisy is playing on her sick day

As you can see Daisy is a little snotty here, but she is having great fun with Duplo. Daisy has the Duplo Town Square building set and we played with it for almost 2 hours. I was building all the different areas and Daisy was undoing all my work. This was fine with me, as she was having great fun, but may get a little bit old in a few more weeks…!

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