Living Arrows 19/52 – Daisy learns to use the computer

Happy Monday. I hope the week ahead is going to be a good one for us all. Last week was quite a busy one in our house as Thomas was working in the garden on his days off getting it ready for some work we are having done soon. This meant that I had even more hours with Daisy to fill so I let her play some games on my MacBook for the first time – it was a real hit! Living Arrows 19/52 – Daisy learns to use the computer.

Living Arrows 19/52 - Daisy learns to use the computer
Daisy using my computer!
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Living Arrows 18/52 – The great work from home juggle

Hello, happy Monday! I hope you’re well. Another week in lockdown has passed by and it is getting harder to split myself between all of the requirements of life! I’m looking forward to the day when I have some childcare again, although I’m sure I will miss Daisy too! Living Arrows 18/52 – The great work from home juggle!

Living Arrows 18/52 - The great work from home juggle - Daisy and me in my office while I try to work.
Daisy and me sitting in my office while I try to work!
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Living Arrows 16/52 – Daisy enjoys the garden

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope that the week ahead is a good one and the past week has gone by as smoothly as possible for everyone reading. We’ve got nothing new really going on here, just working on a few house jobs with items we already have in our outhouse. Thomas is still going out to work and so 3-4 days a week I’m just spending the time with Daisy. We are making the most of the time with baking, cooking, playing toys and relaxing together all high up the agenda! Anyway, Living Arrows 16/52 is now live!

Daisy playing with stones in the garden in her PJS - Living Arrows 16/52
Daisy is loving going out in the garden every day!
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Living Arrows 15/52 [2020]

Good morning, happy Monday. I hope that you and your family are keeping well in these difficult times. We are doing our best just to enjoy time together, get out in the garden where we can and just generally do what we can to stay as safe as possible. Thomas is still out working, which is a real shame, and feels a little bit scary at this time it is what it is, and we are just doing our best to stay safe together as a family. Daisy is really enjoying having us around all/most of the time and I am enjoying this for the blessing that it really is. I’m so glad we made the decision to keep Daisy home safe before lockdown began as it gave us some time to settle into a routine before things got too difficult. Living Arrows 15/52 is now live!

Daisy playing with chalks in the garden.
Daisy has been loving all our garden activities!
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Living Arrows 13/52 [2020]

Good morning, Happy Monday! For most of us, we have made it through our first full week of being in isolation due to Covid-19. I’ve been home for over 2 weeks myself so far, and feel like I am settling in well to the idea that we can’t really go outside. I have a feeling this is going to stretch on much beyond the 3 weeks that the Government mentioned, but we will see. For now, we’re just focusing on enjoying our time at home together and Daisy is still unaware that we CAN’T go out! I’m really grateful for this.

Daisy sitting on a plant pot
How cute is this girl?
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