Lee Stafford curl your heart out curling tong review & competition

My hair is the bane of my life! Sometimes it looks lovely, and I feel great. Other times it is frizz central. I’ve tried using Frizz Ease, and numerous other products. I have also been looking after it more recently. I am not styling it daily like I used to. Also the main difference for my hair has been getting it cut every 8 weeks. This has had fantastic results for me. I’ve had some layering put into my hair and overall it looks and feels better. Even the bad hair days are not so bad. Anyway, since having the layering done my hair has gone back more to its usual wavy form. This is lovely and something that I want to improve on at times. I was offered the chance to try the Lee Stafford curl your heart out curling tong. This Lee Stafford curling cone tong was ordered from Amazon and I got next day delivery. You can too with a free trial of Amazon Prime.

A look at the Lee Stafford curl your heart out curling tong and heating styling glove

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Finding me time as a parent – 7 ways I’m achieving it

Lets be real here. Finding time for yourself as a parent can be tough. Whether your child is a newborn or twenty they are probably still taking up much of your time. My own daughter is one and I’m always struggling to find the right balance. Between working from home, my husband working shifts, owning an allotment, having family nearby, having pets and Daisy too there is always lots to do. Add to that wanting to get out more, wanting to have a clean home and wanting to find time for date nights and we are pretty busy. Time is the one commodity, besides sleep, that parents seem to want so badly. It is possible to find time for yourself but often by sacrificing something else. Now I’ve made a list of little ways that I’m finding me time as a parent.

Finding me time as a parent

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Need more light in your life? You need the Needlite!

I work from home full-time these days. While I love it, and feel fortunate, I don’t always get outside as much as I would like. Some days my daughter is poorly or I have deadlines to meet. This means that we can have entire days where we are stuck indoors. While we have quite a lot of natural light in our home it never really feels like enough. I leave our curtain and blinds open all day. Sometimes all night too. However this still doesn’t always feel like enough. This is why I’m excited to talk to you today about the Needlite.

My Needlite review - A look at the Needlite once removed from the packaging

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Read my Xupo review and find out what I thought

Since becoming a Mum to my daughter Daisy I seem to be less organised. I’m sure this is purely because I have less time. While I’m still good at meal planning, using our slow cooker and keeping our finances in check some other things have slipped. For example I used to ALWAYS keep my keys in my coat pocket in the hall. This was 100% where they would be. Then I had Daisy and we were going out more than usual. Soon my keys started ending up in all manner of places. In the bottom of the pram. On the radiator cover in the hall. Then it progressed. Soon Daisy learned that she LOVES keys. Now I had a bigger problem. Missing keys. That is before I got the Xupo! Today I’m sharing my Xupo review with you to let you know if it is any good.

Xupo review - A close up look at the Xupo device

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Beautiful prints from Shepherd Illustration

In the last few years I’ve become a real fan of unique gifts. I’ve tried to stop buying people generic gift sets, mostly, and I am always on the look out for something special. Recently I was offered the chance to review a print from Shepherd Illustration. I saw this sloth print and was instantly enamoured with it. I’m a real fan of sloths. I don’t know what I love about them specifically but I just do. They are my favourite animal to see at a zoo. Perhaps we are similarly lazy and we connect for that reason. Anyway, Shepherd Illustration got it posted out to me and today I’m sharing a look at it with you.

Beautiful cards from Shepherd Illustration

How beautiful are these cards?! I think if you are going to the effort of buying somebody a card then why not make it a beautiful one? You can find more of these in the Shepherd Illustration Etsy store.

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