Decorating with In The Night Garden wall stickers from Stickerscape

I’ve made no secret of the fact we live in a one bedroom flat. While most people would say this is not ideal, with a young baby, we have a longer life plan really. In around 18-24 months we will be moving in to a house, with a teeny tiny mortgage. Until then we are making the best of our situation and ensuring that our home is as tidy and welcoming as possible. Daisy shares our bedroom, of course, and has her own little corner. It really is a corner. Her cot in a corner. That’s it. However, the rest of our home is COVERED with her items. So why should this corner be any different?! We received a lovely delivery of In The Night Garden wall stickers from Stickerscape and decided to use them to brighten up Daisy’s bedroom area.

A look at the wall before we put the stickers on.

A look at our wall before we placed the In The Night Garden wall stickers on.

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Daisy is 16 months old

Here we go again. Another blinking month has gone by in a flash. Unreal! Anyway, here I am, documenting what Daisy has been up to in the past month… When I finally sit down to write this I always find myself feeling a little stumped because I haven’t prepared and it is always late at night when I finally cobble this together. I love having these posts to look back on so here is what Daisy has been up to now she is 16 months old.

Daisy is 16 months old - Daisy posing for the camera

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My birth experience

*This is a collaborative post*. Back in March 2016 I was pregnant with my first daughter, Daisy. Daisy is here now, and pretty healthy. Daisy is 15 months old now and this is the first time I’ve properly sat down to write a little about my birth experience. I want to talk to you about my own birth experience today. This post talks a little about some of the bad sides, but ultimately my daughter was the end result so that was amazing!

My birth experience - Daisy made it!

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Daisy is 15 months old

Daisy is 15 months old. Wow. Another month flown by. I’m always saying that but I’m sure other parents know what I mean. The time seems to just zip by and as Daisy grows older it seems to be going faster and faster. We’ve had a pretty good month for a number of reasons. Daisy is finally well, almost, and we have had a great month together.

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy eating a Bovril sandwich during her first thunderstorm

Daisy was recently caught up in her first thunderstorm. Instead of being worried she was enjoying watching me and her Grandma shelter under an umbrella. Daisy carried on eating her sandwich and remained unfazed. It was cute!

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