East Coast Nursery Walker / Jumper Review

Daisy is 7 months old already – I don’t know where the time has gone! For a while we have been using a Jumperoo but when we were offered the chance to review this East Coast Nursery Walker I jumped at the chance!

Daisy is really strong on her feet now and absolutely loves being able to move around. Obviously, as I work from home, I have moments where I need to reply to an email. Having the East Coast Nursery Walker is perfect as she can be safe, driving herself around the living room, while I cram in five minutes of work. Or even just a drink a cup of hot tea. Quite often the latter!

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Reduced movements – would you notice?

Last year I was fortunate enough to become pregnant with my daughter, Daisy. Today I want to talk to you about reduced movements and the importance of noticing any change.

Thanks to looking out for reduced movements properly I was able to help save the life of my daughter, and possibly my own life in the process.

reduced movements - would you notice? A photo of my daughter.

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Nuby UK Review & Giveaway

The lovely people at Nuby UK recently chose Daisy and I to be a brand rep. This means that we will be receiving lots of goodies from Nuby UK in the coming weeks and months. These parcels will be tailored to Daisy’s age and current milestone stage. This is really exciting for us and who doesn’t love to receive a surprise?

We’ve had our first delivery now and this is what we think of the goodies we’ve received so far!

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Daisy is seven months old!

Daisy is seven months old – already! The year is just zooming by now and I cannot believe that we already have her Christmas presents. We are beginning to think about the family traditions that we will enjoy through the years and we have definitely settled into family life now.

Daisy is really thriving now. She has found her level with her height and weight, after being growth restricted, and it is a pleasure to spend everyday with her. Her reflux is much more controlled now and it is clear that she is feeling a lot happier.

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Babease Review – Food for babies NOT baby food

My beautiful daughter Daisy has a few allergies. So far we have it confirmed that she is allergic to cows milk protein (dairy), soya and now possibly beef. It is a little bit of a minefield negotiating her mealtimes and when we are in a hurry I am finding it quite difficult to have healthy meals that are suitable for her, don’t contain lots of rubbish & are convenient to take out with us. We recently spoke to the lovely people at Babease. They were kind enough to send us out a lovely stash of goodies for Daisy to enjoy. This is our Babease review.

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