Global FPIES Day – The reality of living with FPIES

Our daughter Daisy was born on the 21st of March 2016. It was the happiest, and scariest, day of my life, as I had to have a c-section and Daisy was born, weighing 5lb 13oz at full term (38+4). My entire pregnancy had been difficult and when she was finally born safe I was so relieved. We went home, and started our life as a family of three. Then on April Fools Day, at just 11 days old, Daisy projectile vomited for the first time. We had a chuckle. She was just playing a prank on us after all – right?! Wrong. Daisy had FPIES and the beginning of a long battle was starting for us.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

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Daisy is 16 months old

Here we go again. Another blinking month has gone by in a flash. Unreal! Anyway, here I am, documenting what Daisy has been up to in the past month… When I finally sit down to write this I always find myself feeling a little stumped because I haven’t prepared and it is always late at night when I finally cobble this together. I love having these posts to look back on so here is what Daisy has been up to now she is 16 months old.

Daisy is 16 months old - Daisy posing for the camera

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My birth experience (AD)

AD. Back in March 2016 I was pregnant with my first daughter, Daisy. Daisy is here now, and pretty healthy. Daisy is 15 months old now and this is the first time I’ve properly sat down to write a little about my birth experience. I want to talk to you about my own birth experience today. This post talks a little about some of the bad sides, but ultimately my daughter was the end result so that was amazing!

My birth experience - Daisy made it!

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