Stupid things people say when you have allergies…

Dealing with allergies is never easy. Whether you have a single allergy, non-IGE or IGE, it is always difficult to adjust to the lifestyle changes required to keep safe. Often people without allergies won’t understand the difficulties faced when you, or your child, have an allergy. My own daughter Daisy has an allergy syndrome, called FPIES, which has changed the way we run our home and our life. At present Daisy cannot eat dairy, soy or chicken without a severe vomiting reaction, and has other problems including reflux and asthma. In addition to this, she has intolerances to strawberries and a few other foods. This means that we have to be super vigilant about what foods we feed her, where we eat and even what foods we keep out at home. Almost everything seems to be a potential allergen for Daisy and the simplest of tasks, like giving the cats treats, can become fraught with worry and anxiety about accidental allergen exposure.

Daisy Staying in hospital
Daisy in hospital after an FPIES reaction
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Let’s start talking about self-medication and mental health (AD)

AD. If you follow me on social media you may already know that I am a big advocate for mental health, and talking about it. Talking about mental health is something that can still be seen as a taboo subject, just like talking about family finances, death and even lifestyle habits. Having seen first hand the devastation that mental health conditions can have on family & friends I want to ensure I’m doing what I can to foster conversations that help people. Today I want to talk to you about the Let’s Start Talking campaign from the life insurance broker LifeSearch and my own experience of self-medicating when my mental health was low.

Let's start talking about self-medication and mental health

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Stress Awareness Month – 9 tips to reduce stress (AD)

AD. Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? With the new financial year starting in April for lots of businesses, and self-employed people, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me! In April I always find myself spinning lots of plates. I have a tax return that I want to get filed as early as possible. There are lots of family Birthdays and it is the time of the year when our social calendar always begins to fill up. Today I want to share with you 9 tips to reduce stress. Hopefully, these tips will help you during National Stress Awareness Month and beyond!

Stress Awareness Month

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How to Beat the Winter Blues (AD)

AD. With the coldest time of the year quickly approaching, it’s always a rush to get ready for the conditions and prepare to settle down for the months ahead. When it’s freezing outside, you may feel a little more lethargic and not want to do anything with your days off but that’s exactly the opposite of what you should do. You need to make the most of the shorter days: below are some suggestions of ways to tackles the blues and really make the most of your time.

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Affordable egg donation for UK patients  (AD)

AD. Today I’ve got a collaborative guest post for you from Egg Donation Friends. As someone who had fertility treatment myself, to have my daughter Daisy, I hope this will be useful for someone out there!

Egg donation – who is it for? The majority of fertility patients interested in egg donation treatment are female patients over 38 or 40 years of age, patients with poor response to hormonal stimulation of ovaries, low AMH results or low-quality eggs. If you live in the UK, have been trying to conceive for over two years and are under 40, you are eligible for a maximum of 3 IVF cycles on the NHS. However, if you are over 40, you can have only one free IVF cycle.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

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