Staying in hospital with Daisy at 18 months old

Recently our lovely daughter Daisy had to spend some time in hospital. When we arrived in A&E initially we thought that she may be suffering because of her FPIES. It later turned out that she had a problem with her stomach X-Ray and we had to stay in hospital while she was rehydrated and to ensure that she got better. This was obviously a bit of an upsetting time but I want to share our experience in the hope that it may help someone else in the future if they find themselves in the same position.

When we first arrived at A&E we were told, within an hour, that Daisy was going to be staying in hospital. I was upset about this, as it meant that she definitely was poorly and something had flagged up in her bloods or on her X-ray. However, it later turned out she wasn’t seriously ill, which was such a relief!

Daisy Staying in hospital

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Chemist 4 U – Saving me money compared to Boots (AD)

AD. Since having my daughter back in March 2016 our home seems to be filled with products. Baby products, skincare, 100s of unusual types of foods for my daughters allergies and much more. One area that we need to be stocked up regularly is medicines. I’ve got auto-immune health problems and Daisy has allergies too. Some of the items that we use to keep ourselves healthy are not on prescription. In the past I have always just gone in to Boots and stocked up on what we need. Without paying much attention to the price. As I write about money for a living this isn’t the best thing to do, however, I’ve always thought that we needed the items so may as well just get on with it! Anyway, I’ve recently tried out Chemist 4 U for the first time – and been really pleased with their prices!

Chemist 4 U

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Global FPIES Day – The reality of living with FPIES

Our daughter Daisy was born on the 21st of March 2016. It was the happiest, and scariest, day of my life, as I had to have a c-section and Daisy was born, weighing 5lb 13oz at full term (38+4). My entire pregnancy had been difficult and when she was finally born safe I was so relieved. We went home, and started our life as a family of three. Then on April Fools Day, at just 11 days old, Daisy projectile vomited for the first time. We had a chuckle. She was just playing a prank on us after all – right?! Wrong. Daisy had FPIES and the beginning of a long battle was starting for us.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

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What to expect: Wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor

When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2015 I started experiencing some new health problems. One of them was high blood pressure. At just 8 weeks pregnant I was put on bed rest for a considerable time and given medication too. Throughout my pregnancy, the high blood pressure persisted, despite me losing 2.5 stone during my pregnancy. I think it was possible a combination of stress and obviously the pressure on my body of growing a baby. After my daughter’s birth my blood pressure didn’t come down for a fair while! Anyway, fast forward to 2017 and I was trying to finally come off my blood pressure medication and start living life again! I had to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor to show my GP what an accurate days reading of my blood pressure was. This monitoring may be referred to as ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

What to Expect: 24 hour blood pressure monitor

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