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Likes and Loves

Each month I share with you the items that I have been loving in the last month. This is everything from the books I’ve read, to the apps I’m loving and much, much more. I’m a huge fan of trying new recipes, learning through reading and I am always looking to learn and improve.

Likes & Loves November 2020 (and a competition!)

I hope the month has been good to you! I’m back with another monthly round up of some of my favourite recipes, products I’ve purchased and items I’ve tried from lovely brands. Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. Advertorials are clearly …

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Likes & Loves July 2020

Every month I write out one of these posts I almost cannot believe where the time has gone. This month seems to have been the fastest so far this year, probably because we’ve been doing lots of DIY at home, and I’ve been super busy with behind the scenes work on my website. I’m gradually …

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Likes & Loves March 2020

Wow, what a month it has been! Last month I was just finishing decorating the kitchen and had been visiting my Mum in hospital and now we are in lockdown because of Coronavirus! Wow….! Anyway, I’m trying to keep some normality in life here… As best we can! Items that were gifted to me for …

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Likes & Loves January 2020

Hello! I hope January is being kind to you so far. We’ve spent a lot of our month just decorating at home. We have been recovering from the flu. Also, just having our new home to enjoy together has been great. I think I skipped this post last month, as I was so unwell, so …

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