Our 2017 Bucket List – Lots of fun ahead for us!

My lovely husband and I had an up and down year in 2016. First my Mum was in a coma, and almost died. Then I almost died when our daughter arrived and it was a long recovery after my c-section. Then my friend found out she had womb cancer. To top it all off my Dad passed away from cancer – all in the first six months of the year. Daisy was poorly, my father-in-law too and in all we had a rough first six months. The second half of the year did see a vast improvement. Anyway, 2017 could be another up and down year, who knows. To celebrate a new year, and being alive I have created a 2017 bucket list. This is full of lovely things that I want to enjoy with my family.

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Aims for January 2017 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope that the year is kind to you. 2016 was a bit of a mixed year for me. We had a daughter, which was amazing. My Dad passed away, which wasn’t so great. Then there were other problems in between with my health, Daisy’s health and more. However, another year is over and I’m getting motivated for the year ahead! Today I want to share with you my Aims for January 2017. I love writing these posts each month and holding myself accountable.

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Aims for December 2016 – the results!

The end is nigh! The end of the year that is. I’m actually pleased the end of the year is here. This year has been a bit of a mixed bag. With the death of my Dad and lots of other nasty surprises along the way I’ll be glad when 2017 starts. I know that a new year doesn’t actually mean everything is suddenly going to be fine but we can dream hey! Anyway, here is my aims for December 2016 – the results!

Aims for December 2016 - the results

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Aims for December 2016 – Final push for 2016!

Wow – the last month of the year! I can’t believe that I have been doing this posts for more than a year now (I think). I really enjoy holding myself accountable. Every time I’m having a lazy day I think about these posts. I never want to have to come back and say that I haven’t achieved an aim. Also, thinking up new aims keeps me motivated too! I’ve been looking forward to December the most really. It is going to be Daisy’s first Christmas and she is going to be 9 months old by Christmas! The time has flown by and I’m so excited for our first family Christmas together. Today I am sharing with you my aims for December 2016.

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Aims for November 2016 – the results!

I absolutely love this part of the month. I take a few minutes to look back on the aims that I set myself that month. Once I’ve seen how well, or not, I’ve done I think about the coming month. This is a real chance for me to get myself motivated for the month ahead. I think the end of the month is a great time to do this. Money is good, bills are paid for the month ahead and this is the time to get myself sorted. Anyway, here are my aims for November 2016 – the results!

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