Our 2017 bucket list update – find out what we’ve achieved

I cannot believe that we are already halfway through the year. Well, more than halfway! Mad. Anyway, back in January I wrote a post documenting our 2017 bucket list. 2016 was a bit of a rocky year and I wanted to ensure that 2017 would be full of fun and enjoyment for us. So far, so good! I want to share with you our 2017 bucket list update so you can see how well we are doing!

Here is a reminder of our 2017 bucket list at the beginning of the year:

Our 2017 Bucket List

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Aims for July 2017

July is here. Wow! My Mum and nephew both celebrate Birthdays this month. I DID have a lovely present arranged for my Mum. A trip to see Adele – now cancelled. However, I’m not one to dwell so I’m going to arrange something else for Tuesday instead. My Nephew has just enjoyed a nice trip to Paris too so I gave him euros for that. Anyway, here they are – my aims for July 2017. Hope you enjoy me sharing them with you.

Find out more about my Aims for July 2017

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Aims for June 2017

June is here already. Six years ago we were gearing up to get married. I never knew where we would be now and I never imagined we would have a 1 year old, a busy life and be financially much better off. Life is really good at the moment and has been treating us well lately. This means that some of my financial aims have fallen by the wayside a little, however, it doesn’t mean I’m not doing great still. Just that I’m not needing to focus on money as much as I once did. This is great of course and frees me up to do more of the things that I enjoy in life. June should be a lovely month, great weather, lots of time together and a chance to get down the allotment frequently. My aims for June 2017!

Find out more about my Aims for June 2017

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Aims for May 2017 – the results

Wow – where did May go? Almost halfway through the year already. My husband turned 30 this month and I can’t believe we’ve been together for almost 10 years now! Every month, when I look back across my aims, I can’t quite believe the direction that my life is taking. I am so happy, and grateful, and writing these monthly aims and aims results posts just reminds me how much! I love a little does of gratitude and life is really going pretty well at the moment! Anyway, here is my post on my aims for May 2017 – the results!

Aims for May 2017 - the results

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