Aims for August 2018 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

Happy August! Woosh – another month has flown by. Whenever I sit down to write these posts I cannot believe that another month has gone by. Summer has been pretty good so far, weather-wise. LOTS of sun, a few days of rain. Personally, I would love it to stay cool ALL MONTH LONG but I know people want nice weather to take the kids out during the school holidays. Anyway, my aims for August 2018 are now live – enjoy!

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Our second 2018 bucket list update

The year is zipping by, isn’t it?! I can’t believe we’re almost into August already. The children are off school, the sun has been shining for an age and it’s been a good year for my family so far. Being self-employed can mean that family time falls by the wayside, as I get busy with work. By creating a 2018 bucket list I have been hoping to find myself accountable. Today I want to share with you my second update, so you can see what we’ve achieved so far.

Here is a reminder of our 2018 bucket list at the beginning of the year:

Our 2018 bucket list - take a look at what we want to enjoy as a family in 2018. Bucket list ideas, holiday ideas, makes and bakes

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Aims for July 2018 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

Happy July! I hope this month is amazing for you – I sure hope it is going to be for me. I’ve got some fantastic posts coming up, that I hope you’ll love, and I’m going to be working a little on my brand new website – exciting! This month sees lots of trips to London for work, and days out, a trip to visit my brother and a few other great activities along the way too. I’m really excited for the month just thinking of all of our plans, and hoping that I have a win on the premium bonds tomorrow!  Continue reading

Aims for June 2018 – the results

Wow – that was over fast wasn’t it?! Soon be back to the lovely cold weather that I love. Soon be time for Winter Wonderland at Centerparcs. I swear life just seems to zip by so fast every year once January and February are out of the way. Anyway, here we go – my aims for June 2018 – the results!

Aims for June 2018 - the results

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