Aims for November 2019 – Find out what I want to achieve this month (AD)

Happy November! One of my favourite months of the year is finally here. This month Thomas and I celebrate our anniversary, 12 whole years together – wow! We are off on a nice family holiday, like every November, and I’m really looking forward to it now. I love the colder weather and this is definitely my favourite time of year. It isn’t too cold, just cold enough to need an extra layer and a hat, and snow isn’t yet ruining life for everyone in the UK! Here are my Aims for November 2019.

Aims for November 2019

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Aims for October 2019 – the results

Happy Halloween! It feels like just days since I was writing my aims for November. The month we were to move house. Now fast forward just 30 days and here we are, living in our own house, and I’m writing this post from the room that will become my office. I can’t believe it! Anyway, here it is my aims for October 2019 – the results!

Aims for October 2019 - the results

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