Airfryer sweet potato fries – tasty and low calorie!

I’m a real fan of cooking food from scratch. Firstly, it is usually cheaper. Secondly it is usually healthier too. These are a winning combination for me and often what motivate me to get off my backside and make something tasty for dinner. While getting a takeaway is a nice treat I don’t always want to feed my family unhealthy food and this is where my airfryer sweet potato fries come in. They are a nice compromise between fried chips and being healthier. Which I’m often trying to be these days. My airfryer sweet potato fries take just a few minutes to prepare and they are pretty tasty too.

My airfryer sweet potato fries taste delicious, are simple to make and healthy too

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Easy calzone recipe

My husband has had an operation recently. One of the first things that he asked for, when he started to feel better, was a calzone. I decided to knock up this easy calzone recipe. It was so simple to make, fun to prepare and delicious too. The total cost of this calzone, including ingredients, for two people, is well under £2! Depending on the fillings you want. I’m so happy with this easy calzone recipe that I’m already looking forward to making it again!

Easy calzone recipe - a look at my finished calzone

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Sage and onion stuffing recipe

Before my daughter was born I would make us a roast dinner every single weekend. Over time I learned to make everything from scratch. Stuffing, gravy, yorkshires etc. My dinners just got better and better but also more and more time consuming. Then my daughter Daisy came along. Life got busier. I started to resort back to using Paxo and Bisto. Nothing wrong with that but it just isn’t the same! Anyway, life is getting back on track for us now and I’ve been able to start cooking from scratch regularly again. This is my sage and onion stuffing recipe. It takes around 5 – 10 minutes to prepare and then it cooks for around the same time as packet stuffing. Best of all this sage and onion stuffing recipe will set you back about 30p! If you add sausagemeat then this will bump up the price – depending on the quality.

Sage and onion stuffing recipe - A look at the stuffing balls once they are almost cooked

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Dairy free fruit lollies with Nuby UK

My lovely little Daisy is allergic to dairy. While this is something that we hope she will grow out of at the moment she hasn’t. I don’t want her to miss out on some of the nicer things in life. Like ice cream. I decided to knock together some dairy free fruit lollies. These are super simple and I cheated a little! There is nothing wrong with that if it means my daughter gets something new to try. I’m not much of a Pinterest parent, even if I do try to be sometimes. 

Dairy free fruit lollies - A look at what I used

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Easy homemade garlic bread

Recently I decided to bake some bread. This is something I usually do in my bread maker. From time to time I want to make bread the old fashioned way. By hand. This was fine and all, however, even though I set a timer the bread was a little over done! I knew that this wasn’t going to be nicest bread ever for sandwiches, or for my initial purpose which involved it going back in the oven! Anyway, I am trying to reduce food waste where I can so I wanted to find a way to use it up. I decided on easy homemade garlic bread and I am so glad that I did!

Easy homemade garlic bread - my bread before I baked it

My bread before I almost ruined it.

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