Jacket potatoes in the slow cooker – so simple!

I’m a real fan of using my slow cooker. I love nothing more than setting a nice meal up for the day and then coming home, or finishing my work, and it being ready. Slow cookers are super convenient, whether you are going to be home or not. I’ve cooked a wide variety of meals in my slow cooker now and I’m branching out more every week. Recently I decided that I would try making jacket potatoes in the slow cooker – and they were so straightforward!

Jacket potatoes in the slow cooker - A look at the finished result!

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Shrove Tuesday 2017 – get prepared now!

I’m not the only person who regularly forgets Shrove Tuesday am I? Well Shrove Tuesday 2017 is in two days – on the 28th of February! You’ve got time to impress people with your World class pancakes and they are simple too. I’ve got a super easy recipe for you and tips on what cookware to use to achieve the best results.

Shrove Tuesday 2017

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Midnight cookies recipe – quick and tasty

I love recipes that are quick. Sometimes you just want to bake something but you don’t want to spend ages doing so. This midnight cookies recipe is ideal when short on time and can be in the oven in under 10 minutes! Cooking time is fast too and they are tasty – which is what it is all about really isn’t it! 

Midnight cookies recipe

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Pizza dough in the breadmaker – cheap and fun!

My husband and I love a nice takeaway. It is a bit of a weakness really! We have resolved to have less takeaways this year. So far we have cut the amount considerably. This is great for money saving and it is great for our waistline too. We have managed to save money on the takeaways that we do buy, thanks to discounted gift cards from Zeek. Anyway, I love making homemade pizzas. They are SO cheap, compared to takeaways. Also, they are easy and best of all they are a bit fun too! I’m sharing with you today my recipe to make pizza dough in the breadmaker.

Pizza dough in the breadmaker

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