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Easy shortcrust pastry - uncooked pastry dough spread in a tin

Easy shortcrust pastry

The base of many good recipes can start with the most simple of ingredients. I love shortcrust pastry as it is super easy to use, freezable and can form the base of many different recipes. It takes just minutes to prepare and you can save around 60-70%, at least, compared to buying it ready made …

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Three lemon poppyseed muffins complete with icing on the top

Lemon poppyseed muffins

When preparing lemons for a *Nutribullet drink recently I started thinking about uses for the lemon peel. I decided to zest it and freeze it, for use in future recipes. Then this got me thinking about lemon recipes that I had been meaning to try and before I knew it I was whipping up a batch of …

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The finished millionaires shortbread in a black baking tray with one piece missing

Millionaires Shortbread

This weekend I decided to make a millionaires shortbread, as I have a few relatives visiting in the coming days. This was SUPER simple, but it was my first attempt, so it doesn’t look quite as perfect as I would like, still, lots of compliments were received so I must have done something right! Here …

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