Homemade croutons – Make use of your oven when cooking

I’m someone who loves to save money. A pound saved is the same as a pound earned. Often I try to make use of my oven being on. I will bake treats such as midnight cookies, or even cheese straws, when I already have my oven on. By making the most of the space in my oven I am saving energy, have nice treats at home and save money too. Homemade croutons are super simple, take just two minutes to prepare and taste delicious too! Scroll near the end of this post for my printable homemade croutons recipe card.

Homemade croutons

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5 easy ways to reduce your food waste!

Today I’m hosting a guest post from Zoe Morrison. Zoe Morrison blogs over at www.ecothriftyliving.com, runs a friendly Facebook group for people who want to reduce their food waste – https://www.facebook.com/groups/reduceyourfoodwaste/  and is currently writing a book – The Ecothrifty Kitchen (how to save money and the environment by reducing waste in your kitchen). I’m really hopeful that this post, and Zoe’s group, can help my readers save a nice bit of money and reduce food waste.

Tips to reduce food waste

Photo credit: Zoe Morrison / Ecothriftyliving

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Simple cheese straws

When we have guests in our home I love to offer them a snack that is homemade. I’m not always time rich these days so I love that these cheese straws can be prepared the night before, and baked fresh just before the guests arrive. Or even when they are here. I love to cook, but when I’m short on time I want to feel like I’ve still made an effort for my guests without spending a long time in the kitchen.

These cheese straws are the perfect party food that you can prepare in next to no time and for well under £2!

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Pasta Sauce recipe

I have recently been working on stockpiling meals in my freezer. I spent one evening last week, and two hours of time, preparing a whole weeks worth of slow cooker dinners. I also made a huge batch of this pasta sauce recipe and promptly froze several portions for lunches and quick weeknight meals. Scroll down now to see my pasta sauce recipe.

Fresh pasta sauce recipe

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