Degustabox September 2017 box – Find out what’s inside!

I love enjoy receiving the Degustabox each month! Every month, by the 21st, a nice box of goodies arrives for me. I look forward to seeing what is inside the box. I also love the surprise of not knowing what products will be waiting when I open the box. Last month was my favourite box ever and this one isn’t too bad either! I have the Degustabox September 2017 box to review and there WILL be spoilers in this post! Also – I have to say in advance I think this is the best box I’ve ever received!

Degustabox August 2017

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Spark is out on DVD NOW – Read my Spark review

Now that we have a 17 month old daughter we have been looking to find more age appropriate films to watch at home. Daisy isn’t really at an age where she LOVES films yet, but we know this is right around the corner. In the meantime we’ve got a vast array of nieces and nephews and we’ve settled down to watch this film together recently. This is our Spark review.


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Family pizza night with Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza

*This is a collaborative post*. My husband works regularly on the weekends, at least 2 out of 4 weekends. This means that when he has a weekend off we like to spend time together of a family. Some weekends we relax, other weekends we go out, visit family, tend to our allotment and generally are on our feet from the minute we wake up until the minute we collapse in bed. Recently we decided to host a pizza party, with thanks to Papa John’s and the new Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza!

Papa John's Deep Crust Pizza Box

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Review: Summer Infant Navy Polka Dot Changing Bag

The eagle eyed readers among you will know that my daughter is in nursery now. Daisy started nursery a couple of months ago and she goes one morning a week. The main reason for this was to allow her to socialise more, but also to allow me to get some work done. I tend to use this time to speak to brands, record podcasts or radio segments and have a little break too. In addition to this Daisy has begun going to our in-laws once a week too. I’m loving the break, and the chance to work in peace. What I am not loving is never having items in the changing bag when I get it back from people! For this reason I have the Summer Infant Navy Polka Dot Changing Bag to review now.

Summer Infant Navy Polka Dot Changing Bag - The front of the bag

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