Review: Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre

My daughter Daisy is a BIG Peppa Pig fan. It is on television most days at home and we have a vast array of toys and characters. Daisy loves the vehicles she has, including the Peppa Pig Jet, and the Peppa Pig Helicopter. I love spending time playing with Daisy’s Peppa Pig toys and figurines and now we’ve got something new to add to her collection – the Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre.

Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre

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Sprucing up my home with the Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies

I’m a pretty big fan of cleaning and keeping my home tidy. I like to use microfibre clothes and re-use items as much as I can. Also, when washing Daisy’s clothes I want to use products that are going to be gentle on her very sensitive skin. For Daisy’s clothes I like to use a non-bio detergent, as this is best for her. I still need something that is going to remove the various stains of toddlerhood – food, pee and even poo. Nice. Today I want to share with you information about the Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies, and talk about how I’ve been using the Nimble Babies brand for a couple of years now.

Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies

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A theatre trip to London – the perfect Christmas gift!

Yes, I’m going to say it… Christmas is approaching! I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. Don’t we always end up saying that? Thomas and I went on a trip to London recently, including a theatre show and we had a fantastic time. I think that a theatre trip to London is the perfect gift for loved ones this Christmas and want to share a little snippet of our time together with you today.

Royal Shakespeare Companys production of Matilda The Musical_Credit Manuel Harlan 2

Photo credit: Manuel Harlan 

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Preparing for a Vampirina party with new Vampirina Toys

Daisy has been a fan of Vampirina toys for most of 2018. We were fortunate to be gifted some toys earlier this year, and the Bootastic Backpack has become one of Daisy’s favourite ever toys. Now Daisy has a whole selection of new Vampirina toys to try, and we will be reviewing some of them in this post. Also, later in the month, we are going to take part in a Vampirina toys party which we will be sharing on Twitter – I can hardly wait! Daisy has been testing some of the new Vampirina toys – and loving them!

Vampirina Toys

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7 great uses for your food processor

I love spending time in my kitchen trying out new recipes, batch cooking and trying to save my family money. For me cooking is relaxing, and a great way to look after our family budget. We like to spend no more than £300 a month on grocery shopping and on occasion we have even lived on £100 for a month – as we like a challenge! I’ve recently been sent a new food processor and I want to share with you 7 great uses for your food processor.

A look at the Morphy Richards Prepstar

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