Degustabox February 2017 box – Find out what’s inside!

I’ve never been a particular fan of subscription boxes – until the Degustabox! I love food, like most people, and I love to experiment with new flavours and recipes. The Degustabox is a fantastic monthly food subscription box with a wide variety of products from new and well known brands. Each month the box will have a theme and products within the box will follow along that theme. For example one month might be health and there will be lots of healthy food and drinks within the box.  I have the Degustabox February 2017 box to review and there WILL be spoilers in this post!

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Purrfectbox Review & Purrfectbox voucher code

We’ve got two lovely cats, Izzy and Jazz. I say lovely, really I mean complete sods. They fight, they hiss, they chew things and they love to scratch the edges of our sofas and our bed. Still, despite this they give nice cuddles and they aren’t complete arseholes. Rewarding them from time to time is something that I really enjoy. When the folks at Purrfectbox got in touch, to offer us a box, I couldn’t pass it up! My girls love to have new toys to play with and anything that keeps them from wrecking our home is good with me. Here is our review of the Purrfectbox.

Purrfectbox - A look at the front of the box

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Moma Bircher Muesli – an alternative to overnight oats

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know it is true. However, life doesn’t always go to plan. Some days I don’t feel hungry. Some days I’m lazy. There are days when I just get caught up in working, getting Daisy ready for the day and life. I’m working on changing this. Any day where I eat breakfast is a good day. I feel motivated. I don’t graze on rubbish. Best of all my day overall seems to go better. Being organised makes me feel good and knowing that I can have a healthy, tasty, breakfast in a matter of minutes is really important to me. Today I want to talk to you about my new favourite breakfast – DIY Bircher Muesli. This is a great alternative to overnight oats as it takes just minutes!

alternative to overnight oats 1

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Morse Toad – Say it with chocolate this Valentine’s Day

My husband and I aren’t really known for our grand romantic gestures. I’ll treat my husband to a holiday. He’ll treat me to a piece of jewellery from time to time – although less so since I remarked that I had too much! Sometimes I’ll get flowers, sometimes I won’t – for most of the year. I am really happy with our marriage, the strength of it, and how well we work as a couple. I’d much rather be rock solid, and financially secure, than have any number of the expensive gifts that I secretly hanker after. A new car for example! Anyway, the great people at Morse Toad offered us a gift voucher recently and I figured why not treat my husband to something for himself – ha!

Morse Toad Review

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Degustabox January 2017 – Find out what’s inside!

I absolutely love the Degustabox. As subscription boxes go I can take them or leave them. However, for me a Degustabox is a great treat. I love using up some of the random items that I receive. My creativity is definitely kicked in to touch by using the goodies that I receive in my Degustabox. Another month has passed and now I have the Degustabox January 2017 box to review. I love getting my text to tell me that the box is on its way and the excitement of having a good rummage when it arrives.


Degustabox October 2016

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