Review: Songmics Toy Storage Unit + Giveaway

Toys. They are just everywhere aren’t they when you have children?! Once upon a time I had all of Daisy’s toys rearranged in her playpen. It was great. I was able to clean it and rotate them really easy thanks to a storage box or two. Now Daisy wants easy access to her favourite toys, which is understandable as she is almost two! Recently Songmics, a leading seller from Amazon, got in touch and asked us if we would like to review one of their items. I had a little browse and this toy storage unit quickly jumped out at me! I’ve got it set up, and re-arranged Daisy’s toys, so I want to share some photos with you – and give one lucky reader the chance to win one themselves!

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

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Cleaning my mirrored furniture with the Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve got mirrored furniture. Not our best idea. When we first bought it I wanted it to give our room lots more space, and a lighter and airier feel. This worked out really well and I never regretted our choice. Until we had Daisy of course. Now the mirrored furniture in our bedroom is frequently covered with tiny fingerprints, mysterious splatters and other assorted toddler mess. I do still enjoy having the mirrored furniture, as it is so handy for looking around the room at night, checking on Daisy, making the room feel more spacious and improving the light too. Recently I was sent the Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner to review and I want to let you know my thoughts on it!

Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

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Degustabox January 2018 box – Find out what’s inside!

I love to receive the Degustabox each month. I have the Degustabox January 2018 box and I want to share the details with you. Being able to get a box of surprises goodies each month is something that I love! For me, I love trying new foods and drinks and I’ve found some products I absolutely love thanks to the Degustabox. August 2017’s Degustabox was my favourite box ever and the September one wasn’t too bad either! I have the Degustabox January 2018 box to review and there WILL be spoilers in this post!

Degustabox August 2017

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Review: Snuggletime Winnie the Pooh Plush range from Posh Paws

Soft toys… they are the things that memories are made of right?! At least in this house. I personally don’t have any soft toys from my childhood, which makes me upset. I do however have some lovely soft toys from more recent periods in my life. When my daughter was born, my First Mother’s Day as a pregnant Mum and other lovely occasions. For my husband, he has quite a few soft toys and other items from his childhood, which is lovely. Recently Thomas came home from his parents and he was beaming, and carrying a Mr Bean toy from when he was growing up. This was so cute and we had a nice chat about different memories and soft toys we have had over the years. Our lovely daughter Daisy has recently received some new soft toys and I’m writing this post to show them off to you today.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

Daisy slept without a soft toy in the hospital but as soon as we were home she had supervised naps with a soft toy that I had been sleeping with. This helped Daisy to feel comforted and meant that she had my smell near her too.

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