Degustabox April 2017 box – Find out what’s inside!

I love my Degustabox! Each month a nice box of goodies arrives for me, usually on Wednesday. I look forward to being able to see what is inside and the surprise of not knowing. Most months I really love the contents of the box, although occasionally there are a few products I don’t likeI have the Degustabox April 2017 box to review and there WILL be spoilers in this post!

Degustabox March 2017 Box - A look at the outside of the box

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Everything5Pounds – is it actually any good?

For a while now I’ve been looking at the Everything5Pounds website and wondering.. is it actually any good? For those of you who don’t know Everything5Pounds is a clothing website, that also sells homewares and toys. They have clothing for men, women and children. Every single item that they sell is… you’ve guessed it! £5 pounds. That is £5 for dresses, shoes, homeware and more. Just £5! 

I don’t know about you but I kept thinking that things were going to be super super poor quality. I mean £5 doesn’t buy you anything in a high street store, well, perhaps Primark. Anyway, I decided to give Everything5Pounds a go so that I could report back and show you some of my new clothes.

Everything5Pounds - A look at some of the clothes I received

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Hay Max – A drug-free alternative for hay fever sufferers

Recently my delightful Daisy hit me in the eye, twice. This meant that I suffered an injury to my eye. While I was in the eye A&E, having my eye reviewed, I was informed that I was suffering from hay fever too. Now I had been having hay fever symptoms for a few weeks, but I was also under the weather. This means that I missed the onset of the symptoms really. Anyway, when I got home from the hospital this great kit from Hay Max was waiting for me – perfect timing!

Hay Max - Organic drug-free allergen barrier balm

This huge box was full of a number of Hay Max products, in various scents.

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Our Hush Mattress review

Recently we have been fortunate enough to be gifted with a Hush mattress. I’m going to share with you not only what we think of the Hush mattress, so far, but why I felt we needed a new bed anyway. As a parent a bed is SO important. Particularly as there is never enough hours in the day to lay in it! A Hush mattress comes in a teeny tiny box and then it opens out into a delightful comfortable mattress. If you don’t want to read my tangent just skip to the end for a little video of the unpacking in action! 

Hush mattress - A look at the packaging

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Our Purrfectbox Review

My regular readers may remember that recently we received a Purrfectbox for our cats, Izzy and Jazz. We’ve been cat owners for 6 years now, when we received Izzy. Jazz joined us 4 years ago and they’ve been almost silently hating each other ever since. Despite this I still buy them lots of treats regularly and I never give up on my quest to make them friends. Playing with new toys regularly can keep my girls from fighting overnight. This makes for a better sleep for me and a more harmonious life for us all! Today I’m sharing my Purrfectbox Review with you and talking about this subscription box service.

Purrfectbox Review - Izzy playing with one of her new toys

This is Izzy. Izzy can destroy almost any toy in 2 minutes or less.

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