Nimble Babies Milk Buster review & competition

My lovely daughter Daisy is formula fed. Not only does Daisy have formula now (since 6 weeks old) but she has prescription formula. It is frankly disgusting. Miles worse than normal formula. The smell is gross, and clings to everything. Our baby bottles are caked in a disgusting film all the time. No matter what I use, no matter how hard I scrub I can never get our Tommee Tippee baby bottles clean. That is… until NOW! I’ve finally found something that makes a significant difference – Nimble Babies Milk Buster. These are our bottles before:

Nimble Babies Review 1

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Yours Clothing voucher codes – save money on clothes

I’m known online, by some, for my money making and money saving efforts. Looking after my money is important to me. Not only do I strive to make more money each and every year but I also want to save more money too. Being savvy is important to me, mostly, and I like to get myself a discount wherever I can. One way that I like to save money is by looking for voucher codes online. For example, if I wanted to shop at Yours Clothing then I would look for ‘Yours Clothing voucher codes’ online. Having a dedicated website that provides voucher codes is a great way to save time and still save money in the process.

Yours Clothing voucher codes - save money on clothes


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Great teething products – ones that Daisy loves

Any parent will know that teething can be horrible! Between the crying, the sleepless nights and the pain itself our poor babies really go through the mill. Fortunately as adults we can’t remember the pain of teething! I do remember my wisdom teeth trying to come through, in my mid 20s, and the subsequent pain I experienced. Because of this I want to try and do my best for my daughter. I love to use some of these great teething products and thought I’d share them with you on the off chance I might be able to help someone else too!

Great teething products - Daisy's favourite picks!

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Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hairdryer review

I’ve got the frizziest hair ever. Or at least that is how it feels. My hair is a blinking nightmare! If I don’t use Frizz Ease shampoo and Frizz Ease straightening spray (or 3 day straight) it looks atrocious. I look like I’ve not bothered to brush my hair to be frank. Using a hairdryer, and straighteners, is part of my regular routine. I was offered the chance to try out this Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hairdryer (available here) I could hardly say no! Anything that could improve the appearance of my hair is well worth it for me. You can grab it next day with a free Amazon Prime trial too if that takes your fancy.

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Canvas Prints from Canvas Online

For several months after our daughter was born there was no photographs of her in our home. I had a difficult birth and my recovery period was long and tiresome. Then Daisy was unwell herself and it just slipped by the wayside. After our trip to Centerparcs in September, when we had her hand and footprints casted, we decided now was the time for more photographs! So far I’ve had printed a collage of our Winter Wonderland trip to Centerparcs and a photograph of the three of us I took on my iPhone. It is amazing just how special canvas prints from Canvas Online can make a photograph look.

Canvas Online 1 - A close up look at the canvas from Canvas Online

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